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Jul 27, 2011
How many trees do we waist in a week? I toss what seems like hundreds of signs each week, due to: Just an ad week sign for some stores but not mine, all the double signs they send, when we have to write the schematic on it, then the way our new report is set up, says print, so you print them, and low and behold you get them in on friday. Haven't quite figured out the TOSS list yet, it seems every other week, the toss ones are also on the keep list. Today I printed two HQ batches,one had 60 signs and one had 30 signs. The 60 Signs were all pegs, but they all printed (requested from HQ) on 3 x 5's. they need to be 3 x 2. try to create, contact my support. there were about 10 legit ones that were FGC. since we don't have those in 3 x 2, you deal with them. the other HQ batch with 30, i only carried about 10-15 of the products. again, i threw away the others. How many of you, have one dedicated person for ad prep? do they also do softlines 11 x 11 signing? I am given roughly 15 hours to prep all but SL 11 x 11. since our SL has no rhyme or reason to where stuff. is. I have been doing this off an on for several years, one of my SL TL was trying to tell, "well you know if the whole endcap is on sale all you have to use is a 11 x 11. this comes from the one that will create a multi 11 x 11 just so they don't have to put up the 3 x 2"s. but is said select others, so we can do that. NOT. HLs cannot. you cannot either.
I thought those signs were commonplace in softlines?
11 by 11 are the same as endcap signing, it has the topper with it.
My best tip on the toss report, don't print the signs it says to print. Do an audit by dept & you will find the sign already done. They come in on Fridays ad package. Now, on that crazy 60 e-batch should be those underwear fixtures in all sl depts. The other thing is, there is no real directions on toss report in workbench. I think it is a waste of time & paper. IMO!
of the 60 in the batch only about 10 were for the cardboard fixtures all the rest were for the gons. i my-supported the fact they needed to be on 3 x2. almost 50 of them were just, as advertised or even lower 3 x 5's. which we have 3 x 2 in. i just don't understand their e-batches sometimes. they come out of no where. if you are a good ad prep person, you will know a lot of time what you are missing and be able to create them.
When in doubt, put a sign up. For ex: an endcap on not set time, comes up on toss report. Then it set. Then you have signs for it. Coming up no barcode.
DON'T trust the new "PREP" report where it says toss......... I was out helping another store for a week and another TL thought he knew better than me and my DEDICATED ad prepper and actually coached MY team member for not using the report. So when the Set-up audit report was printed we had probably 150 missing signs. Guess what happened to the signs? yep, they were on the Toss list, they got thrown out. Talk about a waste of time having to reprint all those signs. I have 3-4 tm tained for ad prep, but only use one consistently. She is a softline guru so she preps the hardlines signing and does the "ad map" for softlines. "AD Maps" are your best friend for non softlines folk. I use about 40 hours total for ad prep and ad set. About 12 for prep (depends on ad size, of course), rest for ad set. I am developing a "Ad prep for silly's" a play on the "books for dummies" when it's done i would be happy to pass along.
We aren't doing the toss report anymore. Thank god! My ad person was going crazy over it. Waste of time!
wow you can say that again. now if they would just get rid of all those double signs they send us. i throw away, probably 200 3 x 5's easily, due to not in our store or different planogram, not set yet or what ever. what a waist of good money. makeup and shoes suck!. i hate doing those. then we have a sl tl, who thinks when you get a 7 x 11 you always use it, never checks to make sure it is all on sale. i always check in softlines gons to see if everything is on sale before i prep the sign. hl, very rearly since domestics is about the only area we get them for the actual aisles.
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