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May 14, 2013
i've worked at my store for a year and a half. i like it but i want to move up from just a team member.

i get great reviews, my team leads and etls like my work and i get great feedback from them. i've made it known that i want to learn more and they've trained me to do more here and there but i want to make sure that i'm not just spinning my wheels.

my store started a development program for team members, but i wasn't chosen. i thought i would be since my stl asked if i was interested in being a team lead.

does anyone have any advice on how i can best advance at my store. i'm not looking to run a store, just be a team lead or something more.

any comment or advice would be really appreciated.

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Feb 21, 2013
one of my team leads told me its a great job to start if you want a drinking problem.

from what i've heard getting promoted is a balance of working hard (or at least appearing to), and brown nosing everyone above you. everyone.

if they picked people to 'develop' and you arent in the club, then you might be out of luck.


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Jun 17, 2011
Kiss butt. Thats about the only way now. Target does not develop or promote hard working or experienced TMs anymore. Stores usually have their TL picks already made well in advance. Its usually people who are buddy buddy with other TLs or the ETLs.

I tried to and it only got me deeper into the Target blackhole. I had to take on temp TLs numerous times but my store always hired the permanent TM from outside or transferred another TL into the position.

The best thing to do is take charge in your duties, constantly bagger the ETLs about getting some training/development, and when you work on any projects, be sure to communicate your accomplishments to the TL and ETLs.

Plus, if you have any college education other than Business or Marketing. Don't make Target your life. Seek better employment.
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Yup, unless you're sleeping with the STL. ,or being buddy buddy with all of your Leaders, kiss that promotion goodbye.....
Oct 18, 2011
I think it depends on the store culture. I didn't "kiss ass" and I was approached with the opportunity to promote by two ETL's I really didn't have a relationship with. The only prep and help I received was from glassdoor. I heard of sitting down with ETL's for mock interviews and being able to get a copy of the interview packet, but nothing. Ended up passing the interviews with flying colors and started as a TL three days after the interview with the DTL. I know my experience isn't typical (at least according to this site), but just show interest, apply, partner with a trusted TL or ETL, and work on your interviewing skills, and you should be fine. You probably wouldn't have to make sweet love to your STL, but I do agree with an above poster that it is a quick way to developing a drinking problem.
Jun 7, 2011
don't wait on them to approach or invite you to become a tl--this is your life, and you gotta demonstrate courage and do what you want to do!
while a culture of feedback and great development is what i hear the most complaints about in our district, the truth is the ones who really want it will get it. they jump in the manure pile with both feet. if you know that being a tl is truly what you want to do, just start doing it. present yourself in that manner. use outside resources along with your peers to help hone your skills. go to interviews outside of target as well. don't limit yourself--if your store doesn't see your potential, others may.
Jul 28, 2011
It really depends on need first and foremost, and then of course your perception in the store - and if the store has a culture of promoting from within or not.

If there is no need - then obviously it will be slim on the opportunities. If your store perceives you as someone who works hard, "manages your business", and is someone that they can see as a leader - this is really all that you "need". All that being said - if you store has had rolling positions come and go and no one from within the store is chosen - your store may have leadership that continuously choose to bring talent from outside.

Basically - partner with your TL, and your ETL. If they seem to be behind you (or another TL or ETL, just easier to start with your own) then things may come together down the line. As much sabotage that goes on at Target - they will look good if they bring up good leaders so it is in their best interest to develop those who are promising.

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May 15, 2011
The leading part is important. Be prepared and willing to demonstrate accountability for yourself *and* a team. They have to know that you're confident making decisions that impact the store, and confident developing and coaching a team to deliver results.
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