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Nov 26, 2013
I've been working in the backroom for about 4 months now. I was trained for 8 hours, then thrown in, and I did well. I was being praised by my team lead, other team leads, my coworkers...getting offered extra hours, extended shifts. Since that time, my work ethic has remained the same, and I've gotten quicker.

Until a month ago. I had 8 baffles for that week. My coworker had 30. My TL had 5. He pulled aside and warned us to slow down, and be more accurate, which was fine, I did my best to follow his instructions. My score improved. 3 days later, he calls me in to the office for a 1hr written coaching session about...baffles. (and leaving something on the wave, which I had only done a few times, and not since he told me to stop). I mentioned it to my coworker, and he HAD NOT been coached. I let it go uncontested, but a few days later, he calls me in for another 1hr coaching session. This time, he voiced his concern about me not acting "fast, fun, and friendly". He told me to be more talkative, and to crack jokes and ask wacky questions. I'm not chatting it up all the time, but I get along well with my peers, and we talk throughout the day. I felt it was out of line, especially because he was so condescending and patronizing, asking if there was anything wrong at home and telling me to view the glass as half full, but I let it go.

Fast forward to last night, an average day. I had ten minutes left in my shift, not enough time to push a CAF, so I started pulling price change (which evidently didn't get done after I left). The LOD immediately walks up and tells me to stop, and push CAFs. I said alright, but he acting patronizing, asking how I was and if there was anything he could do to help. He said speed is key in the backroom, and if he saw me walking, he wasn't sensing urgency. (What, does he want me to sprint?) I nodded, and he said, okay, so this is a written coaching, BYE. and then he was gone. a 30 second coaching out of nowhere.

Another team lead pulled me aside today, said she new the LOD talked to me, and I needed to step it up or face corrective action, and that I had been "talked to before about this". Clearly there was bad coordination, if she didn't even know why I was coached before...

SO, I'm pretty bummed out. I like working in the back, I like my peers, and I feel like my speed is just fine and certainly better than some other Backroom TM's that didn't pick up very quickly. I really just don't get it.



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Jun 10, 2011
You're not being coached inappropriately in the sense that they are following the rules.
The problem is they have decided not to be happy with you which could mean everything you do will wind up being written up.

It sounds like you are a bit of an introvert, kind of quiet, just trying to get your work done, not spending a lot of time shooting the shit with your coworkers?
It's not that you don't get along with them, I'm not saying that.
Just your bosses are looking for a certain kind of esprit de corps and they only read it in certain ways.
Mostly because they are picked from a certain group in the hiring process and empathy isn't high on the list traits that is called for.

You have also called attention to yourself by making some mistakes.
Now it sounds like you're not the only one and I suspect that it's the team as a whole that is the issue but you have to fix that.
Be very careful because they are watching you.

Try not to be too paranoid that only only makes every day a misery.
Maybe go to the TL and ask if there is anything they think you can do to improve, maybe by looking like you are making the effort it will take some of the pressure off.

You can't change your personality but take a shot at saying 'good morning' or 'good afternoon' to people as you walk past.
If you get into the habit it can at least cover the friendly part.
As to the sprinting part, I found that dashing every once in a while (as long as there wasn't anyone in the way) got the blood pumping, took some of the kinks out and didn't really hurt.


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Jan 22, 2013
Spot's rule of thumb is "fair and consistent". Consistent is the aspect of that which is not always followed. As indicated with you. Other TM's are not getting coached, and they are affecting the BRLA (Backroom Location Accuracy) more than you are assuming you are executing the same number of scans. One TM can have 1 baffle or ghost for 1000 scans, and another 2 for 3000 scans. You need to look at the report and look at the % factor as well. If you do not know how to read or find the report (it should be posted someplace in the stockroom), ask your TL to sit with you and show you your numbers.


30 baffles in a week by 1 team member? Is that true? Wow, that person is definitely not for backroom. You have to be on your toes and in the game to be able to work in the backroom. You have to be fast and accurate with your scanning and that means you can't have a lot of baffles.


Sounds like someone doesn't like you and wants to get rid of you. Just try your best I guess and don't let the bastards get you down.

Don't run in the back room, that is NOT safe since there is power equipment back there.
Nov 23, 2012
I agree with commie, it sounds like something has changed in how they feel about you. Perhaps with all this payroll cutting they are looking for whatever reason they can to get rid of you. If I was you I would sit down with your TL and talk to them about it, if your not comfortable with that then go directly to HR, give them the full story. Make sure you mention what others are doing as well i.e. the 30 errors for the other guy and the 8 for the TL. This way your HR will look into it to make sure your not being picked on.
If your TL is getting onto you for the errors your backroom should have a limit that you can have, if your over that its a "conversation". With the new way the error system has been set up its actually supposed to hard to get alot of errors, so the guy with 30 definitely should not be backroom, maybe cleaning toilets :) I give my backroom a limit of 5 if someone hits it once no biggie again then we talk if its consecutive.
A 1 hour coaching??? How the hell does a coaching go an hour? I want to coach someone I pull them aside, heres the issue, heres how you fix it, questions, ok back to work.
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