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Jun 10, 2011
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Sorry for not being clear; didn't want to out the person in the situation.
But, we did have a guest facing TM who didn't have TS or anything like that, but did have mobility issues, who would routinely say horrific things to guests and TMs, and an HR too afraid of a lawsuit to say anything even though the issues were completely unrelated.

In my experience, the HRs simply defer to the BP who makes the majority of the decisions, anyways.
Interestingly, this new op model has been the first time in a long time (family history of Target employees) that the company has flagrantly been willing to fire people protected under the ADA, which makes me believe it was intentionally built into the model.

Mea culpa.
That's what I get for making assumptions.

One of the first things that any of us who work with people who have disabilities learn is that they are people just like everybody else which means the percentage of assholes is just as likely.
Putting together the paperwork to fire someone who has a disability is no more difficult and is just the same as for someone without a disability.
As long as you dot your i's and cross your t's there is no problem.

The problem is not a lack of experience so much as laziness and an unwillingness to take the steps needed.
It is the same as when they say bad teachers can't be fired.
Sure they can, it's just that the administrators don't want to do the work.
It is easier to transfer them to another school, ignore them, and give the excuse that the union is stopping them.

I do think you are right about the new model is set up to get rid of people with disabilities.
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Jan 21, 2014
If anyone feels they are being discriminated against due to a disability you may want to reach out to Shoshy Ciment

She’s the journalist that’s been covering what’s going on at target.