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Oct 16, 2011
Okay so here's the "hypothetical" situation:
California minimum wage is $8/hr. A team member is now making $9.15/hr and decides to leave Target to pursue other options. He/she has good relationships with all of the ETLs, puts in his/hers 2-week notice, and quits Target leaving there in good standing with the company. Now, if this person decides to come back and work for Target again doing the same position he/she left as, will that person be re-hired making what they left with($9.15/hr) or will they have to start over at $8/hr?
I had a friend that did that, left for like 3 weeks and realized the new job wasn't what he thought it would be. He came back to Target (after putting his 2 week notice) and was back down to minimum wage. Once you leave, your pay resets unless you go into a higher role.. even then you get the entry-level pay for that Pay Grade. Your best bet would be to try to leave on a LOA (like a school, medical, ect.) so in case it doesn't work out, you still have Target.
Well, the returning pay may be at the same amount because being a re-hire you do have experience so the minimum wage may not be where you start at. However, the rate may be lower, but not minimum wage because they can hire you as an experienced employee.

I guess that it all depends on things like.....returning to the same store Vs. starting at a new store......or how long you've been gone from Target.......or how much a store "needs" the position to be filled......or maybe just good luck.
Good luck trying to do an LOA in order to take a new job. If Target finds out that's what you've done, they will fire you. LOAs are for educational, medical or personal reasons. If you want to go work elsewhere, quit or work both jobs (unless doing so creates a conflict of interest).
ive done this before and they will start you at minimum wage.... or they may start you with a bit more depending on what they decide.. but they will definitely NOT start you with the same amount you left with...
it really depends - the ETL-HR has discretion on this and can decide to leave the wage at the rate when the team member left. I've seen it happen both ways many times.
When I started a new job, I requested to do one shift a week. Kept my discount and job while working both. Maybe in this situation the person can ask for a four hour shift once a week. Largely depends on if the ETL accepts that.
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