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Pricing and Presentation Any tips on how to set the Halloween table?

Discussion in 'I'm Lost!' started by worsethings, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. worsethings

    worsethings jay of all trades

    We have ours all built, but several of us have looked over the POG and can't make head nor tail of where items or labels are actually supposed to go. There's several points where things don't fit at all or look wrong or overlap. We're kinda making it up as we get the items in, but pics or tips of how anyone else has gotten creative with it (or actually figured it out?) would be appreciated!
  2. Inigma

    Inigma Team Member

    There's a Halloween book that has pictures. It's way easier to use then going by the paper planogram. Your signing tm and presentation tl should have a copy.
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  3. OP

    worsethings jay of all trades

    They clearly don't as they're the two that have been the most frustrated with it, and all they've been going off of is the paper planogram. :/
  4. unknown

    unknown Team Trainer

    Best way is to just shove in the labels then reorder as you push things. Don't stress over it. In a week, it will be a disaster no matter what.

    Did anyone anywhere see how long the legs were supposed to be on any POG or guide? I get they are 2 feet now, but before it was built.
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  5. PM2NO

    PM2NO Former PMT

    We ended up just extending the gondola to a full size gondola since my ETL, PTL and signing TM had no clue how the table was suppose to work.
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  6. signingminion

    signingminion WAVing in the air like I just don't care

    Ours showed the tall legs... I think. Heading in for overnight. I'll double check. Also take some pics of the tables/ vocals from the transition manual.

    Fwiw the manual comes store mail, looks like the old adjacency books and end up in sltl boxes all the time. There's only two for the store usually though. I take one and my pptl shares the other with the hletl.
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  7. Walmart

    Walmart Team Member

    Built the 8ft table.

    It looked like tall legs, but it's actually the short ones. To double check, build the center piece underneath, the height should match closes to the leg you want. Like Inigma said, it's in the Halloween adjacency book, if you don't have that, I would print the POG image and match the description of the label to the picture.

    BTW, I don't know if it's just me or all stores, but there's a mistake with the top center piece ( 2 folds that face opposite of each other), the back is actually the front piece and vice versa. Just double check the width of the sides in the pictures.
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