1. Dream Baby

    POG Sets

    Do POGs automatically tie by the date in the system whether or not a TM ties it? I have noticed lately that I get all these pulls all of sudden for a POG that drops in the system along with a bunch of OOS. I also noticed sometimes the POGs are tied BEFORE the merchandise comes in so the POG...
  2. commiecorvus

    Best "I Told You So" Moment

    This is a thread for the best "I told you so" moment at work. You don't have to have actually said the words, knowing it works just as well. In my case it was a lighting display planogram. It showed all the lamps I had to build neatly lined up. The planogram didn't look right to me but the...
  3. A

    How long does planorama usually last?

    Hey guys, I’ll be finally be scheduled to work at the new store I’ll be working at, and we don’t open till April. I’ll be working there for 2 days next week then gonna be there all week the week after. I’m assuming planorama takes only a couple days not an entire month? What do we do after we...
  4. Dysprosed

    First Time Beauty Transition Setter

    Never set a Beauty transition before. Started last week with 1 and 2 foot pogs. Last night, did Nail Care. It was a beast. What are your tips and tricks for a first timer? Initially I had some trouble understanding the fixtures, since they are unique to beauty, but once I put them together...
  5. Ringwraith917

    Product design fails

    What products have you noticed that are complete fails of Design, either by lack of function or unintended messaging or extreme breakability? I'll start. I have not seen a single one of these deer that is not broken
  6. M


    Is any other store showing multiple revisions for 0 hours yet there are definitely changes?
  7. TargetMcFly

    No pre-tie locations on transition freight?

    Anyone else having issues when you pre-tie on time for a transition but the freight coming in only shows either the old location or no location at all. What gives? We are getting toys this week and its more work trying to sort them on pallets. No box have the pre- tie locations on them. It's...
  8. Dream Baby

    POG Set and pulling items

    The other day a fellow TM (who used be a TL which is weird) set a POG that dropped over 80 items in OOS. Naturally he left it for me to pull because my TL said "he didn't have time to pull it". This is just lazy on his part and told my TL if it happens again I am going to not pull it. This...
  9. SuperTarget

    Securing Displays

    Hey Team! Been working through the loose ends of the Baby Transition. Over the years its become more evident that the baby displays need to be secured. For our inline displays we used zip ties which work great, however as a older store with the Hitching Posts for Travel Systems, im trying to...
  10. F

    Better label strips?

    Maybe it's just the first few POGs I've done with the Personal Care transitions & revisions, but the label strips seem to be a lot better in that the product spacing is more realistic. Product is fitting very nicely, with the indicated number of facings. And just getting label strips is great...
  11. P

    Pricing and Presentation Anyone else's seasonal pog's screwed up?

    Some, not all, of our seasonal pogs, sprinkler and hoses for example, have a new set for 2/12, but the pog number is invalid. Anyone else having this issue? It wouldn't be such an issue except that the footages change.
  12. F

    How are aisle and end cap changes scheduled?

    Looking ahead to try and figure out a good time for taking some time off, I was checking into when my end caps expire and when aisles come up for revision or transition. OTC end caps were last set December 18 (or thereabouts) and expire February 5 and the aisles are mostly due the week of March...
  13. F

    POG design

    Sorta hoping there's someone lurking here who has influence on how POGs are designed. Doing the Allergy transition a few weeks ago got me thinking about it - why do I need to have 10 facings (that's right, 10) of the same medicine, same size package? And that's for the Up & Up equivalents to...
  14. N

    Planogram fixture

    where can I see photos and names of the fixtures (accessories) that are used for the planograms?
  15. F

    How are POGS designed anyway?

    After working on so many POGs just lately and noticing how goofy they can be, I'm wondering how they're figured out. OTC uses a lot of those self-pusher contraptions and when I was setting yesterday, I had a couple of places in one POG were I set three facings instead of the two indicated on the...
  16. R

    Setting in tour area ?

    Is there any way to get out of learning how to set ?
  17. Sushi2Go

    Does temp. Sidecaps count for set on time report?

    Our district hasn't allowed us to put up cardboard sidecaps for at least a year and sometimes we don't receive it. Does it count on set on time report? I know flex POGs no longer count anymore, just wondering...
  18. F

    Transitions and SPs in the same week

    Whose brilliant idea is it to dump all the personal care transitions/revisions (80+ hours) plus all the sales planners (another 8 hours maybe) in the same week? Yes, I know I can start working on them two weeks ahead, but really, couldn't the SPs have waited until the following week?
  19. S

    Remodels and Presentation

    For those of you who did a remodel last yr, did you have a separate plano team for the remodel or did the normal plano team help with the remodel? Who did normal planos?
  20. T

    Christmas Set / Early set notes

    How are your guys Christmas set coming along? Since Target seem to lack early set notes (what's new) I thought we should make our own. I found a few issues and things I wish I knew beforehand. But I'll list a few... - Issues Adult decor is 6 sections, but map only calls for 5. Had to find...