1. A

    Planogram Colors Meaning

    What do the colors on various items on the POG indicate? Not the strip at the top, which usually indicates if the set is a Transition or a Revision, but the colors on the actual items in the image. Sometimes they're anything from red or yellow to cyan and purple. I assume some of them indicate...
  2. Amanda Cantwell

    Reprint POG shelf price labels?

    Hi all How do I reprint all shelf labels in a POG, or even find a POG for that matter? Basically, I discovered our rotating battery thingy at front end has super old prices (front end teams-- check yours), and no one wants to fix. So how do I find the POG for that rotating thingy, and reprint...
  3. S

    How to tie a shipper

    So I'm guessing a shipper is like a side cap or something that holds product to be sold in addition to the home location. If it isn't too difficult to explain on here, could someone tell me how to look up where one should go and how to tie it? I got a BTS one a couple days ago that I just...
  4. HLN13

    What do I do with items with no upcoming POGs?

    As I’ve been LOCUing our aisles, I’ve found lots of items that are randomly back stocked, some discontinued and some not, that have absolutely no upcoming POGs and haven’t been pulled/sold for hundreds of days. Do I just leave them there? I thought I’d heard something about mySupporting the...
  5. U

    Dropping a revision fill

    Did the Tea/cocoa revision yesterday. Made the mistake of dropping a fill for it. 2 new items dropped a 74 task fill on me. Fuck that shit. From now on, I'm not doing that. I'll just hit no and grab the items in exf. Sorry if it drops on your autos. But I can't take an hour to pull, push, and...
  6. S

    Another paper reset?

    Does anyone know if there is going to be another paper reset or revision soon? The past couple days we've gotten several boxes of tissues with no floor location but pick label indicates it's in an upcoming ad.
  7. E

    POGS in the shoe department

    Does anyone understand how to do POGS? specifically in the shoe departments
  8. U

    Sales Floor Capacities nightmare

    Slick move Target. The capacities in the writing aisle are way off. But no fear, we aren't able to change most of them. So it's set, pull, backstock, and move on. Good luck fitting 55 packs of pencils there for the next 6 months.
  9. 6

    Presentation TLs

    Any POG/Price TLs here make the ops model switch to another role?
  10. vintagebubble

    Plano/Pricing Help

    Modernization is kicking our ass at our store. We are scrambling to get team members cross trained. Since every TL is in charge of all their transitions and price changes for their departments can anyone give me any tips or point me in the direction of any guides? I’m mostly concerned about...
  11. A

    Pricing and Presentation Advice?

    So I’m the designated owner of Sporting Goods/Luggage/Automotive/ASOTV at my store and POG just finished up my transition. However I still have a flat of transition that was supposed to be set on the 10th and still doesn’t have a location (mainly lacrosse merchandise). I’m guessing it just needs...
  12. mizl

    Beauty labels

    This can't be what labels are supposed to look like in Beauty. Right? It's so ugly. Is this right?? Is there something better I can replace it with?
  13. Ashfromoldsite

    Pricing and Presentation Infant flat

    What is the deal w the infant flat in Supers? We received deep shelves. And they want the baby gates on a second shelf. You can’t attach the gate divider up with the displays. I’m thinking we got pogs and fixtures as if hq thinks we have a different setup. The booster pog wants 3 shelves...
  14. M

    Pog pulls

    @tmap98 So, we've all been having trouble pulling our POG batches and salesplan batches to fill our aisles and endcaps ever since the switch to mywork 2.0. I've seen multiple posts here, on Facebook, and peers at other stores discuss how they've had to drop batches 2 even 3 times to get what...
  15. Go2TL

    New POG Fills/Revision Fills (after My Work 2.0 launch)

    For some reason, after My Work 2.0 launched, my store has been noticing and seeing issues with getting all the freight that is located in the backroom to be pulled in a batch. We were told to use "Fill to depth" to make a batch immediately after tying the planogram or revision but it does not...
  16. C

    Specialty POGS

    Are POG policies changing? We were told departments were going to do their own POGS and not have POG employees doing them throughout the store.
  17. M

    Who creates the VMGs/POGs?

    Curious to know who writes the VMGs and POGs. Definitely seems like something I would be interested in doing. I asked my ETLs and they don’t really know anything about it.
  18. Jimmy Neutron

    Pricing and Presentation Planogram and presentation?

    Tell me everything you know about Plano and presentation! Specifically adjacency calendars and how to access the workbench, step by step of how to start my day and workload and which links to click on workbench
  19. S


    Please relay the steps to a revision?
  20. PackAndCry

    "0 On Floor" after transition is set

    Usually, when we set seasonal and tie all the pogs, they'll all automatically have the shelf capacity as the "on floor" number for any transition that was trapped. When we set seasonal this time, they all say "0 on floor", and we've had to manually change the SFQ for each item, or it drops into...