1. TargetMcFly

    Setting transition. Best to update SFQ before pulling batch or after pulling and pushing?

    Title. IMO, doing after will result in a more accurate count, but doing it before will mean possibly pulling less backstock.. What do you guys/girls think??? I'm leaning towards after.
  2. PogDog

    Pricing and Presentation Pog Revision Trapping

    So, the past couple weeks and upcoming weeks; the presentation workload is like 80% revisions. Which means the transition will come in unmarked (no locations, can't pre-tie revisions). This leads to pallets of poorly sorted transition that either is a huge pain to push or a mix of anything...
  3. J

    POG/Sign Help *New Employer*

    What is tying a POG? How do you tie a POG? When reading a planogram what does for example H-20 (0) 1-1-1 or H20 (1) 3-3-4 mean? How do you tell the difference between just a planogram project and just a labeling project? How do you pick out the right shelf’s and pegs? How do you measure...
  4. TargetMcFly

    POG strips not being delivered

    For the last 3 weeks, major issues with strips being stuck at our local Fedex for a month. As soon as it arrives, it goes immediately to Delivery Exception, another 1 month wait. WHYYYYYYYYYY. I realize delays happens because of covid and all that but 1 month is wayy to long. Is Fedex the only...
  5. S

    Pricing and Presentation Mini Backer Paper

    Anyone else read that Halloween Black Paoeris to be used in mini for the summer set?
  6. PogDog

    Pricing and Presentation Set On Time (Refocus)

    With the adjustment to moving Pricing and Plano to nights, the DSD is very focused on having complete sets done and set on time % as close to 100% as possible. They are very aware of what is happening in stores though and understand some things won't fit the scheduled set parameters (Mini was...
  7. TargetsDaddy

    Chemical reset - Discussion/planning/tips

    I'm looking at this reset and it's a massive change. Wondering how is everyone planning their moves. To make it worst we only have 2 days to set with 4 TM. I don't think that is near possible unless I skimp on cleaning which I hate to do. Also our chemical dept. is fairly full, not quite as...
  8. S

    Extra rolling vitamin shelves?

    We now have 11 extra of the self zoning shelves after the OTC vitamin set. Keep? Toss? Sweep back? Was there some communication we missed? I really can't see keeping all these shelves unless they get added back in.
  9. PogDog

    Pricing and Presentation Overnight Old School

    Just given word that we will be foregoing transition and pricing as it relates to modernization. Instead creating 2 teams. One pog. One pricing. To go overnight for the next 4 months. I and another lead will likely be scheduled along with 6-8 other TMs for this process. IDNK if Pricing will...
  10. N

    Style SFQ

    Does anyone know if there is a way to change the SFQ on an entire pog/table at the same time rather than doing it individually? It would save us so much time!
  11. V

    New Seafood/Chicken Meat Revision

    The revision calls to remove all black mats because of cross contamination from packaging. Anyone know what fixture is in place now?
  12. B

    Pfresh Planograms

    Can anyone send me a picture or tell me how to see a planogram that is 5 weeks away. We are remodeling. Pfresh is switching the meat side and the produce side. I wanted to see the new planograms for both sides early to start preparing because that meat side is going to take forever because of...
  13. H


    How long did it take for everybody to build all the patio displays?
  14. T

    Pricing and Presentation Presentation Team Lead

    Any tips on what I can do better as TL for presentation? Before presentation I was a TL for SFS during 4th quarter. I was comfortable with my role as had support from other TL's and my ETL. We did excellent as a store during 4th quarter (Keep in mind it wasn't just me as we had 3 SFS leads at...
  15. wheresmyzebra

    I'm Lost! Verifying tied POGs

    Hey Team, Does anyone know of a way to look up what POGs are tied to which endcaps/aisle sections? Thanks!
  16. V

    Pricing and Presentation No more transition experts?

    Heard this week from my SD and District director that we are to get rid of transition experts and have them own an area. Dbo should set most of it earlier than the set date or as it flows in. Anybody else get that info? Not a fan of doing it like this, no easy way to plan that.
  17. wheresmyzebra

    I'm Lost! POG Tying and Aisle Endcap Sections

    Hey Team, I need some guidance, perhaps a link to a post (I searched and didn't find anything recent). I have a good understanding of aisle sections, shelf, shelf spot (Ex: G30(0) 1-1-1 and G17(1) 3-3-4) but my question is end caps. I've have had it explained differently to me at different...
  18. T

    Does Transitions Set on Time matter anymore?

    My store doesn't care about TWT at all. We probably only tie 70% - 80% of workload every week and never go back to finish the workload. Is this normal?
  19. T

    Planogram training

    Hey everyone, as I mentioned before on here, I started at a target rather recently and while I’ve made some mistakes, I think in general, I’ve done okay in the areas I’ve been assigned. I’m nearly certain that will change tomorrow as I’m doing planogram training for the first time. Now, my...
  20. PogDog


    Who’s involved with this? It’s not user friendly and now I’m required to use it to pre-tie all my pogs. I can barely read it (and the pre-tie process forces me to re-enter and drill down to my workload every time I do one). Corporate needs to stop enforcing the MUST use policy on poorly...