First Time Beauty Transition Setter

Sep 20, 2022
Never set a Beauty transition before. Started last week with 1 and 2 foot pogs. Last night, did Nail Care. It was a beast. What are your tips and tricks for a first timer? Initially I had some trouble understanding the fixtures, since they are unique to beauty, but once I put them together, things started to click. Had a hell of a time cleaning nail polish, even after removing the old nail clings. I had spitfire, acetone, and a lot of elbow grease, but I don't feel like I made much of a dent.
It's a whole different animal from the rest of the store, but it's one of my favorite areas to set, actually. Biggest challenge is organizing and storing fixtures, especially when you're dealing with leaders who don't understand the need to keep extras and want you to throw everything away, because "we can always order more if we need them next time." I need to have what I need at the time I need it. We stow everything in repacks--and I'm a stickler about separating the various trays from the carrier bases so they can be stowed more compactly.

I hope someone has better ideas than I do about cleaning nail polish off the fixtures. Best hope is to keep plenty of extra bullnose clings on hand, and a stash of extra bullnoses (which I assume can still be ordered separately from the carrier trays).
Here's how I set Cosmetics:
1) print the paper POG- this will tell you the fixtures you need & where to place them with no guesswork
2) grab a pen and move all fixtures into place (don't worry about product right now). If you are missing a fixture, circle it on the POG & grab all missing fixtures in one trip for efficiency.
3) once all fixtures are placed, scan the ISM and place on correct fixture.
4) place all your label strips and labels making sure they align with the ISM & fixtures. This is also when I start moving the product around to the correct place.

We usually only have to replace the bullnose clings for nailcare. But if more than that is in need of cleaning you can order the entire bullnose holder (separate from the carrier tray). I keep both bullnose fronts and carrier trays on hand for this purpose as well as for when the label strip part won't adhere anymore. I also keep a few of the basedeck covers on hand should they need replacing.

It is also important to remind the Beauty TMs they are responsible for keeping the fixtures clean throughout the year and replacing bullnose clings whenever they see they need it.

Everything @Dead and Khaki said is spot on- always keep ALL of the fixtures until the set is complete, then thin it out based on what you feel you should keep "just in case."
Thanks for the tips. Initially I started demerching the polish, but felt sluggish. So then I just started getting the shelves in place as you recommend and felt like that worked better. When I did demerch, I used a metro on wheels, with acrylic bins and rubber bands where appropriate. It felt decent.

A lot of my label holders for the hang fixture have turned an absolutely funky shade of dark yellow. Can I replace just the holder? or do I have to replace the entire fixture? The holder is adhered to it, but it seem like it could be ripped off, maybe?
A lot of my label holders for the hang fixture have turned an absolutely funky shade of dark yellow. Can I replace just the holder? or do I have to replace the entire fixture? The holder is adhered to it, but it seem like it could be ripped off, maybe?

I've never found just the label holder for those so I just order the whole thing to replace. They come 2 to a box.

Alternatively, if you have any of the 4ft adhesive cosmetic label strip holders those could be cut to replace just that part.
Completely agree with @Dead and Khaki about saving fixtures and keeping them organized. Before a TL and TM worked together to get the cosmetics fixtures organized, it was a nightmare to find the right pieces. Still a bit of a mess, but a lot of hands are in it right now.
My approach is to make sure I have all the signing materials for a POG because moving things around without them is so much more difficult. If the materials are delayed significantly, you just have to push forward without, but ug, it's no fun.
Get a general idea of what's moving where and then I almost always start with the bottom shelf of the leftmost section, working up and to the right. I take fixtures from within the same POG, move them where needed, until I get to the last couple of shelves or set of pegs. Then I go find what I need and finish up.
Large POGs like Maybelline can be worked on by 2 or even 3 TMs at the same time, spread out so they're not tripping over each other. Otherwise, I think it works best to have 1 TM per POG.
Cosmetics POGs are fun for someone who likes working with little fixtures and little products. Although maybe the lighted signing pieces are something of a booger. The small ones aren't so bad but the bigger ones can be difficult to place correctly.
Going on night 3 tonight. We tackled nail care and Maybelline A and B. And my day team has knocked out cotton, Revlon, Neutrogena, kid's, brushes/sponges, physician's formula, black radiance, and a few others I can't recall.

All while resetting GameDay to expanded ODL, and getting valentines ready for Easter on Thursday. Overall, feeling pretty good with the beauty sets. Only gobacks will be to replace some broken bullnoses and other irreparably dirty fixtures that we'll have to get thru the Fuse project code.
Heads up, some stores will have gen. market skin care move to natural skin care backwall. So you have to remove cosmetics back panels. On the bright side, this gives me a lot of extra fixtures and bullnose.
This is for the transition. Last night, I moved Fragrance pog into the aisle with all the Beauty consumables like collagen. I can't remember the pog name. That aisle had transcend fixtures that had to be removed so the shelves could be installed. Only needed 3 shelves so far. I'm thinking some of the new expanded skincare pogs are on standard shelving instead of transcend, but haven't looked in detail at those yet.