Archived Anyone else's store have these bugs in it?

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i have not seen these under the basedecks in our should call pest control.

Yeah I've figured I'd mention it to an ETL next time I go in. I figured one of the TLs or ETLs would have noticed them by now. I remember seeing one a year or two ago in the store and I figured it was one that managed to get in when a vendor was being let in especially since that door is the closest to where an type of area they might live in.(The store is built right next to a mountain and they had to blast a part of the side of the mountain off to build the shopping complex so there are plenty of rocks there) But in the past month or two i have seen them again so the must they be living somewhere in the store. I don't know why they would be under the basedecks though I doubt it is that moist under one(they prefer moist environments according to that article) although I could be wrong because I've never been under one:D It has been humid here lately so that would explain why I am seeing them more often.
[mod]That's one of the most repulsive things I've ever seen.[/mod]
Centipededs! They are the only bug that will make me scream. You can find them in old homes especially the basements. If your cleaning crew isn't getting all the moisture up when they do the floors they are creating a great enviroment for the creepies. Anytime you find pests in the store, call the LOD. They will make sure that pest control is called and get it logged. With Steritech, anytime you see pests (including crawling, flying or furry)it needs to be addressed and logged.
Gives me the creeps. I'm a guy but I do not like bugs....

Base decks can be moist. I've been moving gondolas at my new work and there is a ton of junk, dust and even moisture under there. Just make sure if there is a spill near a base deck that you check under it and clean anything up that goes under there because it can seep though the black kick plates.
Never seen them in the store. But I occasionally find them in the garage at home. Despite looking gross their completely harmless. Actually they eat coach roaches. So I say let em be.
Whoa, cool! :eek: I've never seen one of those in our store, or anywhere around my area, for that matter. All the centipedes around here are pretty itty bitty and their legs are distributed differently. Do you guys have a lot of them?
I've never seen bugs at my store, or any kind of rodent/pest for that matter. It actually surprises me, with all the food product we have around the store, I would think there would be a rat mecca in the backroom somewhere.

I have seen that bug before, though. It's a fast little bugger.
I've seen that bug in our store on a few occasions. As to questions concerning other pests we had mice in our backroom several years ago. (I could share a gross store here, but I won't.) Made things interesting backstocking 'cause you never knew where they might be. We also had a snake in the store. On another note birds come in the store with guests every once in a while. Normally they end up in the backroom before they are finally caught and released.
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