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Might depend on your state and store volume but when I was looking for one my HR told me to tell TM's it was a dollar.
If they offer you anything less than a $2.00 raise, DON'T take it! Trust me, it's a lot of responsibility and they basically expect you to act as another CTL. Unless your area/store treats the position differently, which only you would know.
Nope. I forgot that it depends on your previous paygrade. From paygrade 7 to PA it is 50 cents, but like I said, every pay raise is negotiable.
umm i am not sure if its .50 cents...most pa's from my district were promotions..for instance in my store the pa got a 1 dollar raised...he used to be the entertainment specialist...but again it all depends on what pay grade the candidate is at this point and then to reach the pa pay grade, then you also factor the store volume, city, state....
Okay let me try this again. What is the BASE pay bump from TM to PA?
TM to PA (PG03 to PG09) is usually base rate plus $1.00. In my case, it was $8.60 to $9.76. Pretty sure it isn't negotiable, however. If it is, you will have very little wiggle room.
Pay is always slightly negotiable. Thanks for the solid help everyone.
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