Anyone quit Target for much better retail stores (Macy's, Kohls, & Primark), and even better opportunities like for pursuing jobs in teaching

Presentation at my store just about never works weekends except in "special" circumstances, like when the DTL suddenly can't contain their piss and demands photos of every store's Seasonal set, filled and perfect by mid-week OR ELSE. And our shifts have a fixed start time (early morning at my store). I've had a more or less regular M-F schedule for most of my years at Target.
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I'm not sure I understand this part. What do you mean that Target refused to give you an employee discount? I'm not sure how they could possibly do that, when you were there you would have just used your TM number. And why would you expect a competing store to give you a discount for working somewhere else?
Sometimes when Target is attached to a mall the stores in the mall will give each others employees a discount I know they did this in Indy.