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Dec 16, 2011
Recently, I applied for the Assets Protection Team Leader position at my store. However, here's the situation...I applied during the time period just after the position on the Target Careers website ( went from 'available' to 'not available.' I'm assuming that they haven't made a hiring decision yet when the switched to 'not available'. I'm thinking that maybe that's when they closed the application window for the position, so they have a pool of candidates to chose from. What are the chances that I'm out of luck? I applied just ONE day after it went from 'available' to 'not available.' You think I should ask my ETL-HR and see if I'm still eligible for interviews?

Also, I'm really considering this a stepping stone. If I'm ever going to earn a position that's requiring 'supervisory experience,' will I have any shot at that position if I haven't been a high-level supervisor. I'm talking team leader level. I'm the Entertainment Brand Specialist at my store. You think that would earn me some credit? I'm not sure what to think. I'm attending graduate school in the next week and don't want my job to interfere with my school work. You think I NEED a supervisory-type role, like that of a team leader, if I were to become an ETL at a store or work at a high-level position at HQ? Thanks!
Your situation is too hard to be able to peg down for us to say if you "need" that role or not! We don't know your leadership team or the leadership in your district so it is hard to say! I will say that if you do well as an APL and do well building relationships with not only the ETLs and STL in your store but the APBP too, you will have an easy time promoting further! You need to also run a green AP process (a green shortage indicator is something to brag about!) and impress them to go further with Target... Working in a store leadership role will play almost no role for a position in HQ however!

If you are really trying to plan it out, you could always apply for ETL now and get it since you have your Bachelor's already, and do grad school while being an ETL! Just take less credits per semester and make more money during? That is what my current ETL is doing!
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