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Are other stores able to see your work information?

Discussion in 'I'm Lost!' started by LittleMittens, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. I was stupid one day and did a no call no show. This was after I was told my 90 days are up soon. I have a week left until I'm officially gone. Before that I never called off, was late, and I'd say I was a pretty perfect employee. Anyway, I want to talk to another Target about working there. I was let go, along with over 100 people, and only 3 in my section were kept so I know it wasn't because I was "horrible" or whatever. I'm worried when I talk to them (I know they are hiring), that they will be able to look me up in the system and see the day I didn't show up and I'll have no chance.
  2. Amanda Cantwell

    Amanda Cantwell Guest Service & Photo

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  3. HRLady

    HRLady Human Resources <3

    @LittleMittens - It is possible to look up your attendance even if you are not tied to their store. With that said, they usually just go by your previous store's recommendation (plus the usual other stuff like availability, etc) to decide whether or not to give you a shot at an interview. They can find out this information by looking at your rehirability status (rehirable = yes; non-rehirable = hire at your own risk) during application screening and/or by contacting your previous store to ask about you.

    (Note: This info is based on the assumption that you plan on applying to the other store externally.)
  4. Yetive

    Yetive Servant of 2 Masters

    Since you still have a week to work, I would suggest you talk to HR at your store. They may be willing to help you out.
  5. HRZone

    HRZone TL Bench

    @HRLady hit the nail on the head there are a lot of factors here.

    A) did your old store mark you non rehireable.

    B) if they did will your new store check

    C) will your new store ask for your attendance from the old store.

    My advice is to apply and see what happens.

    For transfers they almost always ask for a copy of attendance so beware of that.
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  6. OP

    LittleMittens Guest

    So I should just wait until my 90 days are up then? Especially if I'm currently still in the system?

    They put me as rehirable, because the woman who told me my 90 days were up said I could apply again in October for seasonal.

    as for the other post, I did talk to them, I felt terrible I Was let go because I loved my job. They basically blew me off and gave the whole "we can't keep everyone, sorry. thanks though" speech. They kept 3 people we all thought were a joke and let go of people who truly liked their job and worked hard. At this point I do not want to go back to that store, plus it's an hour away from me and the other one 10 minutes
  7. soyaxo

    soyaxo Well-Know Memer

    To have a chance at the store you want, you have to work with the store you have. I recommend to talk to your current store, even if it is your last week. Don’t burn bridges.
  8. OP

    LittleMittens Guest

    I did talk to them, it didn't really work out. They really didn't care. I went home feeling like shit. I went above and beyond during my time there and was really upset, like I said when I talked to them they were just like "Sorry, we can't keep everyone"
  9. Yetive

    Yetive Servant of 2 Masters

    Then ask to speak with someone at your desired store BEFORE your job ends. I think it will be easier for you. If you reapply totally, you have to wait 90 days. And in no way bash your original store.
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  10. HRZone

    HRZone TL Bench

    Not to burn your hopes but they tell everyone they can reapply. We are specifically told not to tell seasonals their rehire status.

    I would follow yetives advice and ask them if you have their blessing to pursue a transfer. They might try to help you but like I said 90% chance new store might ask for your attendance
  11. IWishIKnew

    IWishIKnew Team Member

  12. OP

    LittleMittens Guest

    Yeah, why? That just seems extremely shitty and wrong. Especially to let someone know they're free to reapply.
  13. HRZone

    HRZone TL Bench

    Rehire status is an internal code and therefore confidential information.

    You also are scripted to tell people to reapply. Target is very conservative about telling employees like it is. Always afraid to get sued.

    I as an HR team member like that I don't need to tell people why their background check or why they are not rehireable.

    Let's be honest you no call no showed for a shift. Your store did you a favor by not immediately firing you.
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  14. SFSFun

    SFSFun Ship from Store: Don't call it Ship To Store!!

    Because if they tell you not to reapply because you're marked as non-rehireable, that would likely upset you and drive more questions about something that is totally up to the discretion of HR.
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