Are they supposed to do this?!?

I work on early morning flow team at a store in Indiana. A few days ago, we were given several boxes with old model baby items (strollers, car seats, etc) and were told to put them in the trash compactor. Is this standard Target practice? It makes me extremely upset to see those things go to waste. They could at the very least be donated to a charity of some sort. I can think of at least 5 charities in MY CITY that would love to have these items. Why are these things being thrown out? :confused:


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These are floor models. Some of these items are half-built or cheaply-built items that are not as good as the boxed items. They are just for display.

Plus Target does not want to take responsibility for these items if these were to break.
No, they were brand new, in the box. There were several of each model. 5 of the same stroller, 2 of the same car seat and I didn't get a count on the others.


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If they were new-in-the-box but clearanced out of the system (via salvage), they would've been stickered as such & sent off for resale. If they were putting them in the compactor, it's because they were recalls.

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I see nice things getting thrown out everyday. I actually have a lot of fun seeing TVs, bikes and such getting crushed by the compactor. Perhaps too much fun.
My personal favorite was the giant 4-burner display grill from this year's patio set.

But wait... Your store threw a TV into the compactor? That's a violation of Target rules for ESIM. Pretty sure they're supposed to be shipped back via CRC. Oh well, what's done is done.
It does sound like a recall of some kind.

Anything baby-related gets thrown away at our store, except for diapers. It does make you a little sick watching them throw out strollers, carseats, etc. However, I would be more sick if a display we gave away caused a child to get hurt because of damage we missed before giving it away. It's not a chance I would be willing to take, neither is Target.


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How about Lego displays? I'm into Lego and don't mind to have them.

Most of my Legos are bought from Target 50% off.
I'd talk to the ETL about that one. I know some displays are trashed because of trademark & other criteria but I've seen a few displays go out the door in various stages of disassemblage.


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Okay, I have to ask...WTH does "plano team" mean? Planogram? I ask because I grew up in a town called Plano...
Got it in one.

/me has visions of a town where the ship all the planogram people after they start jabbing an ETL with an orange puller.