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Jan 29, 2012
So I was on an educational leave for about a year and just came back a couple weeks ago. I talked to HR, and was told I got put on the schedule--but just for 4 hours, last night's closing shift. I noticed I wasn't on this week's schedule. I was really hoping to come back and be working ~25 hours a week like I was before I left. Should I just be patient and hope that I get put on the schedule for next week? Can/should I just ask HR if there's any way for me to get more hours? I could offer to get train in another work center, all I'm trained for right now is cashier. I'm just not sure if bugging somebody about it would be effective.
Check the swap board & let your hrtm know to call you whenever there's a call-out. Also make sure they have your CORRECT numbers.
Definitely talk to your leaders. Don't complain about your hours but if there's an opportunity to bring it up in casual conversation, go for it. While doing a midday zone with one of my TLs saturday, I mentioned that I only had 14 hours this week. She was able to our ETL-HL to get me into the schedule for Sunday morning to set some salesplanners by moving some people around.
Cross-train, cross-train, cross-train, then be available (i.e. swaps, open availability, etc.). It's a rough time to expect heavy hours, but you can easily pick up 20 hours a week if you cross-train and make yourself available.
This is the one time of yr I've seen shift swaps snapped up almost as soon as they're posted.
You have to be agressive about chasing hours,this is one example where patience does not pay,as soon as you start working more hours you will get scheduled more ,strange but true.
This is the one time of yr I've seen shift swaps snapped up almost as soon as they're posted.

This happens at my store any time that it's not Christmahanukkwanzivus season, Easter season, or Back to School season...unless I'm the one who posts the shift.
sorry to hear that you aren't getting the number of hours you would like. I have heard this can be a problem for employees who have been on all types of leaves. Even though it's an "approved" leave, they still seem to hold it against you that you took the leave to begin with, so it takes patience and "prooving yourself" in order to win their favor so to speak which in turn should hopefully lead to more hours. The fortunate part is that usually you can find coworkers who are looking to get rid of some hours, so hopefully you can pick up some of those hours from your colleagues until they decide to forgive you for take the leave and start giving you more hours. good luck!
When a bunch of our TMs came home from school for winter break, it seemed like the only way they could get any hours was if they picked up shifts from the swap book. Then again, our HRTL is not the brightest bulb on the tree and probably forgot to put them on the schedule.
Another suggestion is to ask other people in your workcenter if they have any hours they are wanting to get rid of. Some people at my store don't bother posting a swap request until they already have someone lined up to cover it.
Another way to pick up hrs is if it is really busy during the day, you could always ask the LOD if you can stay a little bit longer to help out with pulls or reshop or whatever area needs help. I've done that a couple times, where the store got really behind in pulls and I was on carts. I asked my STL to stay an hour extra just to get the line caught up on, and he let me. I've also been asked by my TL a couple times to stay a couple hours if I am low (although he likes me) to help zone a couple hours if there are call-outs.
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