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Before you sign your life away...

Discussion in 'Leadership' started by talan123, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Goyis

    Goyis New Team Member

    Ha ha ha!
  2. Hardlinesmaster

    Hardlinesmaster Business Partner

    FYI- Most ETLs don't leave b/c of they pay. They leave b/c what is expected of them vs what they are told to expect as an "assistant store manager" differ. If you like work/life balance, an ETL position is not for you.
    Yes that is generally true. The thing is, most new ETLs get put into a position without any idea what they are doing. The general process goes like this...
    1 - Recruited and told about AMAZING opportunity being an Executive
    2 - Hired and put through "business college" where you are shown an ideal situation of the area you are training
    3 - Report to your store, spend 6 months "getting to know" the team, area, your leadership style etc...
    4 - Your STL tells you the area is not performing, and that is when you know the honeymoon phase is over
    5- New ETL scrambles to find solutions they are ill-equipped to solve and burns out

    Now, if you know what you are doing this entire thing is avoided. Depending on the area, it is possible to achieve a solid work-life balance.

    Rock Lobster
  3. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    Great bump, smiled and nodded the whole time I read it. I would not sell my soul to be an ETL. Would hate to get so little time with my family for a few extra bucks.
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  4. Logo

    Logo Team Member

    The only ETL that I see work a ridiculous amount of hours is logistics. The rest have been or tend to be clock watchers.
  5. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    ASANTS because we have an ETL Ops responsible for backroom day, plano, price accuracy, instocks etc our logistics ETL only oversees overnight flow and overnight backroom.

    He works 4 days a week maybe 12 hours a day. Comes out to 7 hours a week less than the ETLs who work 5 days a week 11 hours a day
  6. Firefox

    Firefox Backroom/SFS Slug

    I'm afraid that this is going to happen with our most recent ETL-OPs. He's inheriting a difficult workcenter in an atypical store during the worst time of the year, and has been pulling 12-14 hour days consistently since he's taken over. He's a good dude, a great leader, and I hope that he is able (and willing) to stick around as long as he can handle the unrealistic expectations of our new STL.
  7. Logo

    Logo Team Member

    Didn't realize there was a Logistics and OPS Etl. He's more an OPS but has always been referred to as Logistics. The gal before this one worked a ridiculous amount of hours as well.
  8. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    Yes but remember Asants. Some stores have an ETL Log who oversees all of that and no ETL Ops
  9. LUR99

    LUR99 GSTL

    We only have an ETL Log but we are a smaller store. He works A LOT of hours, the ETL LOG before him didn't last long.
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