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Ok I have gotten different answers from different team leads on this.
The notice by the time clock says "If your work day is more than 7 hours you get 2 15 min. breaks and a 30 min. lunch.
So if you work say from 8 till 330 you are actually in the store 7.5 hours whch is more than 7, but you are only WORKING 7 hours since you clock out for lunch...
.so do you get 2 breaks and a lunch or just one break and a lunch?
The same situation would be if you worked from 330 till are there 7.5 hours but actually WORK 7 hours since they subtract the lunch.
When I work from 330 till 11 some team leads tell me to take 2 breaks and a lunch and others say I only get one break and a lunch. So whats the official policy?
I got an answer from Annie but want to see what others say.
I dont want to get cheated out of a break if Im due one but also don't want to take an extra one if Im not entitled to it.
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If your day is 7 hours, you get 1 30 minute lunch, with 1 15 minute break.

Example: 4-11 you'd likely be scheduled 6:30/8:30 or so.

If your day is ANYTHING over 7 hours, you'd get 1 30 minute lunch, with 2 15 minute breaks.

Example: 3:30-11 it'd be whatever your TL wants so I'd say spaced evenly. 5:30/7:30/9:30 or so.

So you count hours before you subtract lunch, that is the time in which you calculate number of breaks you get.

(As far as I know, could be different for you of course - your ETL-HR should know your specifics though)
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Check with the your State's Labor Department. Most of the time it's scheduled and not just whatever hours you work.

/Why, yes I am back.
In my state it is based on hours scheduled. So it does not count your lunch. If you work 2-9:30 you would get 2 15's and a lunch.
we do whatever you're scheduled without subtracting time for your lunch. So if you're scheduled 7 hours and you take a lunch so only getting paid for 6.5 hours you would still get that second 15 minute break.
My store used to do 2 15s for only 7:15 or longer... Now HR says that people get full breaks for working 7 hours or more.

Example: 4:00-11:00 = 2 breaks 1 meal
This is a great question: I go by the amount of time you're scheduled to be in the building. If you're told by Target you MUST be in the store for a 7 hour shift, you get 2nd 15.
It goes by your scheduled hours. So if the schedule says 7.5, it's 2 15's.
I have the opposite problem, lately I have been scheduled for 5 hour shifts. We have to punch out before 5 hours so as not to go into compliance. So do I take a half or a 15 and punch out 10 minutes early is my usual question for the LOD. The answer, with spot's usual inconsistency, is it depends on who I ask. Most just let me take a 15, 1 seriously worries that i'm going to go into compliance and makes me take a half. o.0
Once again, please look up the State Labor laws and if you aren't getting it then show it to the HR person. This isn't something that is negotiable and it needs to be known. If the State ever does an audit then the fines can turn into something that can wipe a month's sales out (OK, it can wipe month worth of sales at MY store.)
At my store it depends on how the person making the breakout interprets it. Some will give you the second 15 and some won't. I'm pretty sure the info on the board says something to the effect of at least 7 hrs but I could be wrong. I'll have to check it when I go in Wednesday.
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