Can an ETL, STL or DTLcome to the chat box....

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Jun 12, 2012
I want to interview a ETL, STL, or DTL about his job at target?

I am really interested in becoming a manager at this company.

So will a store management personnel come to the chatbox so I can interview.
Uhh, yeahhhhhhh. Probably not dude.
First, this isn't a corp-sanctioned site so it's not like they'll respond to your request.
Second, tho they cruise the site to check up on us injuns they're entirely unlikely to come out of stealth mode &/or out themselves.
Third, because everyone here goes under stealth mode I wouldn't believe any one who 'says' they're a member of leadership unless they PM me some pretty convincing evidence. And I'm HARD to convince.
Fourth, this forum isn't for interview purposes. You need to go to & look at the bottom under "careers".
I just need a DTL, STL, ETL to come to the chatbox because I am interested in learing how to become a Target manager when I get older.
Get a four year business degree. Go to and scroll to bottom and click career opportunities.

If you want higher than ETL you'll need several years experience for STL and experience plus a business masters for dtl.
I want to ask some questions about being a manager at Target. I already know how to become a manager at Target.
This isn't an officially Target-owned forum. It's just a bunch of team members getting together to talk about work. I can almost guarantee you there are no DTLs or STLs registered as members on this site. There are a few ETLs/ex ETLs but that's the extent of it. What questions do you have?
I want to ask some questions about being a manager at Target. I already know how to become a manager at Target.
Here is a link to careers at target:
Becoming a "manager" at spot requires:
1. fill an application at under careers.
2. select area or position desired hourly or salary
3. over 18 years with a 4 year business degree for upper mgt is req'd
4. If you need additional info, use left sidebar on the Link listed above.

Please note: that this forum/website is NOT an official target sponsored website.
Try and look for a phone number for corporate relations and perhaps with enough trying you can reach someone at the higher level you are seeking.
This person obviously thinks I'm trying to become a manager, now.

I'm 17 and still in high school.

You aren't going to find what you're looking for here buddy. Go to your local Target, tell them you'd like to speak to a manager, explain how you're doing a school project and want to interview them. May be a lie, but it'll get you want you want. I'm headed to BC (ETL "school") in a month or so, I'd give you 20 minutes if I bought that it was for school.
you are in high school and you are aspiring to be an ETL?


(no offense to ETLs, the ones I have met are good people and it's not a bad job at all)
Honestly dude you will have a more fulfilling career flipping burgers at McDonald's haha
I saw this when I was on break yesterday on my phone and had to laugh a little. If you really want to become an ETL, try doing what I did. I had a sit down with my STL and asked what was required to become an ETL and expressed my interest in eventually becoming one. Simply inquiring about it on this forum isn't going to help you.
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