Can AP ask anyone for a merchandise receipt?

OTOH if you're an employee and an overzealous AP person requests a receipt following your purchase just show it. They could make your life miserable. Even when you produce it and you did nothing wrong you will not be making a dick out of them so put the brakes on and show it. They're not on your side they are there to protect company assets and don't forget it.
App. It requires you to scan your barcode to not print one
It also requires you actually pay with the barcode. ie. Gift card or red card are the only payment types that can forgo receiving a receipt.
As for the original topic, my store's TSS's regularly ask to see receipts. I have also done so before as well, and it's never been an issue.

I don't ask to see receipts often by any means, but as an example, a couple weeks ago a guest purchased a TV in electronics, and the person who sold it to them was new and didn't know to call it out over the walkie, so when I saw the guest coming up with the TV and heading straight for the doors without me knowing if they'd purchased it, I stopped them at the door and asked to see their receipt.
Seems kinda anachronistic if you ask me...AP has 1,001 ways to confirm purchases not even including their "pan/tilt/zoom" special ability, when they can look up sales, filter by TM discount and pull a list of DPCIs on said discount along with a 00:00:00 timestamp, etc. without the TM ever aware of it (unless of course they were caught being squirrely in 4K HD from 46 different angles). Pressing any button anywhere in the store is logged, recorded, saved, archived, backed up, laser-etched on iridium-alloy metal tablets and sealed in the 500,000 year eternity vault deep within the bedrock below Minneapolis, in case you didn't know...but now you do
Costco's chain wide policy is the receipt check at the door. No issues with that. If I was shopping and an AP person stopped me at the door and demanded a receipt I would flat out refuse to show it to them.
Costco isn't open to the general public, strictly speaking. When you pay for a Costco membership, you agree to their terms and conditions. In other words, you have a contract with Costco for the right to shop in their warehouses. This is also true with other membership-type stores, such as Bi-Mart (Oregon and parts of Washington) where you buy a $5 "lifetime" membership in order to shop there. If you don't submit to their rules while shopping at these places, they can revoke your membership and ban you from shopping there.

I recently visited a Walmart and they did check our receipt (and those of other customers) a the door. However, it has to be a policy decision by corporate and regional management on whether to require customers to produce receipts on demand, because there's no "membership" contract between customers and the store.
I once visited a total wine, and they didn't have what I was looking for, so I left without making a purchase. They stopped me at the door, thinking I had tried to lift something. It was one of the most angry feelings I've ever had shopping. Eff that place, I will never go back.

You can ask me for a receipt, or to stop, or anything you want. If you don't have a good reason, you do it at your business's peril.
This is a gray type practice by stores.

When I was a TM, the practice was to engage the guest who might be lurking with customer service just to let them know you around. Or call AP.

But leave the asking guests for receipts to AP.

In reality, Target, Walmart, or whoever there is no displayed policy alerting customers that by entering the store, you may be asked to provide a receipt or your items checked at the door. Stores can ask for your receipt but you are not required to provide it.
You show your receipt !! Why would you not unless you’ve stolen something?! It’s just like if the police ask for identification you show it to them ! You’re innocent you prove it. I think some people just like confrontation and the drama
You show your receipt !! Why would you not unless you’ve stolen something?! It’s just like if the police ask for identification you show it to them ! You’re innocent you prove it. I think some people just like confrontation and the drama

It depends a lot on why the cops are asking for your ID.
Is it because you are IPOC and work in a #ffffff neighborhood?
And they do it twice a week because the Karen's keep complaining about you?
I'd get a bit confrontational too.
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