COVID-19 Can I be held accountable?

Apr 9, 2020
Hey all!! My store and my whole area has been hit by the virus pretty significantly, we have multiple confirmed cases in our store. Almost half the store has been calling out or taking an LOA. I don't feel safe going in, I have older parents, but don't think I qualify for any paid LOA. I do, however, have many sick hours that I will never use otherwise as I never call out. I was wondering if I could use all my sick hours during this time, it should be able to last me about over a month, or at least some of them? I could really still use the money. I am just scared to be held accountable for this even though I heard attendance is being waived? Thanks!!
Mar 22, 2019
Benefits center will actually add the sick payout for you. It gets messy if the store tries to pay you while you’re on leave. Since a third party has to submit the request to corporate, wait for approval, then submit for the check I would suggest you be prepared to wait a minute to get paid. A lot of TMs are finding out their pay is a bit delayed while on loa..


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Apr 30, 2017
Just take a week off, come in for a day and take another week off , as in call out, use your accrued time. They won’t hold it against you. This whole pay&benefit thing is too cumbersome.