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Jun 9, 2012
I've been working at target as a cashier for a little over a month but there's still a few things I don't know how to do. Unfortunately, most of my gstl's, gsa's, hr's aren't that helpful - it's like pulling teeth if i ask a question. so i thought i'd ask y'all for a few tips.

1.) when I check out a guest and they immediately slide their card in the machine... when i'm done checking them out, they say "ohh... i have a giftcard too." but their transaction already went through and the Cancel button isn't there, they get pissed. also, some like to dig in their purse and say "i forgot my coupons!" after they already purchase their things. is there a way around any of these things?

2.) so target has these deals where you buy 2 things of a certain product and you can get a 5 dollar giftcard. one lady used it on her next transaction but when i scanned it it said "an error has occurred" idk if it's our machines are malfunctioning or what but it's done that a lot lately.

3.) & basically, my HR lost my discount card; i've never received one and i've been there for a month already. i asked her and she said it'll come on your next check, never came. I asked another HR and she said we gave it to you, but i never got it. &the last one just told me to request a new one, when i asked her to help with the process she said she was busy. So i tried doing it on my own through eHR; i went to request tm discount card.... there were a few options the top being "1 TM discount card" or something like that i clicked it and all it said was "save" there wasn't like a Submit option idk if it went through or not.

sorry for it being lengthy i'm sure i have some more questions but these are just the main ones that have been bugging me. thanks in advance to anyone that responds :)
I think I can help with 1.

I usually ask at the beginning of the transaction if they have any gift cards or coupons to use and if they do I tell them that I will need to scan those before they swipe their card through. Of course, some guests don't listen and still swipe their card through. When this happens the receipt will print out immediately before they get their gift card in.

To fix this, scan the barcode at the top of the receipt. One of the options along the right side should be "fix a mistake". Once you hit "fix a mistake" there should be an option for "wrong payment". This will cancel the payment. Usually there's a warning that the account may be charged twice before the first payment is removed because it takes a few days it to go through the system so make sure you tell this to the guest.

It will then ask for the correct payment and then you will scan the gift card and other payments needed. Once you're done it should print out a "post-void" receipt. You need to attach the post-void receipt to the original receipt and put it where you put the paper copies of signatures and your GSTL will pick them up at the end of the day. Another receipt with the correct form of payment should also print out, this is the guest's copy.

As far as missed coupons this is under the same "fix a mistake" function as the "wrong payment". There should be an option for "missed coupons". You will need to scan the coupons and it will instruct you on how to give the money back to the guest.

Hope this helped! I'm pretty sure this information is correct, but I can't be sure unless I'm in front of a register :).
Make sure the guest knows that their card may be charged twice when attempting a "fix-it".
Had a guest go postal on me because she was close to her limit & the second transaction put her over, incurring a penalty charge to her acct.
If a guest asks about their acct being charged twice, you make sure to give them the "guest copy" of the trans void. Target systems correct at sales date's end; their bank, however, may sit on the credit for several days.
If a guest keeps pulling out one 'missed coupon' after another, double check to make sure the items match. If you start feeling confused (& scammers ALWAYS head for the newbies), call your GSTL/GSA over.
It sounds like you probably requested your discount card correctly. It can take a week or two to come in, and they come in directly to HR through the store mail. So, if you go a couple of paychecks without getting the replacement, check with HR.
ahh thanks you guys! this was very helpful i appreciate it =]
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