Challenging upwards in a constructive manner

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Patience is needed. You mentioned nothing about your tl. Is the problem too many tl's? Is your store over on headcount? Or are you referring to your Stl or etl. But, it does sound like the lazy tm's have been spoken too.
We need a little more info.
Also, you did fill out the yearly team survey?
Do not take this the wrong way but since you say you are blunt then I guess you want others to be blunt with you. Just because you are in electronics does not mean you can not work in other areas of the store. Just because you are in electronics does not mean they can not pull you to perform other tasks that are needed. It seems as if you care about your area and want the best for it, now look at it from their point of view...they are looking after the entire store and have to get everything done.

If a TM brought an issue to me about their TL or ETL I would expect him to have already talked to the selected individuals, then I would expect him to offer some solutions to the problems but right now all I see is you being tasked out and you don't like it. Sorry but hanging out at the boat doesn't cut it.

- Over delegating tasks
Who is to say this? What scale are you using when you decide they over delegate?
- Pulling TMs from their area to help another area without ensuring coverage
It happens everywhere else in the store, why can't it happen there? Whether you are over on the last aisle of electronics or the 2nd aisle in toys or in the middle of softlines you will still be able to get to the guests fast enough.
- Pulling TMs to work on pulls, cashier, or do tasks and leaving no coverage
There are more parts of the store that need to be taken care of. Think total store.
- Pulling TMs from Electronics during peak hours and leaving no coverage
Again think total store.
- Attempting to pull Electronics TMs to work on pulls or other tasks multiple times during guest transactions, sales, or when there's a large line that we can't get backup for.
I am guessing this is over the walkie otherwise they would not tell you to do it right now, they may mention for you to complete it when you're done with the guests though.
Gtc to rules! You covered op answers well. At my store, some days may have only 1 or zero tm's outside of p-fresh in hardlines. No team to lead!
Yeah, he covered the OP great, assuming I'm some lazy TM that doesn't give a ************. Oh wait....

After talking with a few other TMs, I'm going with a direct approach. If I get pushed towards the door, then I'll post notice and go back to my old job.
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This sounds pretty much what working in electronics or any part of the store is like now at Target. Leadership is expected to much more with far far less. That means using everyone no matter how important they think what they are doing is. In my store the Electronics person, being 1 of 2 or the only person on the sales floor, is expected to do everything pretty much. Unlike the old days when then position was sort of sacred cow. Those days are long dead.
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