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Discussion in 'Distribution Centers' started by downset00, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. downset00

    downset00 Guest

    So apparently is trying to make a bunch of changes to the way we operate. They started getting big on safety because we have about 25 ORI’s for the year. They made it mandatory that we wear safety glasses and gloves for starters. I’m fine with that but if your caught without wearing them, you get put on corrective action. Oddly they lowered prod to 250 cph on the dock from 350, art they went down to 190 cph, mainly because they brought temps back. Apparently we have team members on other shifts trying get there numbers by receiving flow, over receiving reserve, then unreceiving flow so they don’t have to throw it. Reports show our shift wasn’t doing it but to figure out who was, they are making us put colored rubber bands on symbols in art. You are only allowed to use your own symbol so they can see who’s messing up. It’s becoming so ridiculous. Anyone else having problems like this at there DC?
  2. Unfortunately, this sounds somewhat familiar. As a GPM'er, it's an unwritten rule that during handoff for our noncon dock that we get rid of any good, dense freight before end of shift. Otherwise, next key will un, then re-receive that freight and effectively steal our key's prod. As to the safety stuff, to my knowledge that's a pyramid-wide rollout.
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  3. smashandthrash

    smashandthrash Former store LOG and Inbound/Receiving DC TM

    They had just implemented the automatic corrective action for safety violations just before I left. A long time veteran at my old DC was doing the unreceieving flow thing and got caught. He got fired. No warning, no corrective action. He'd been there for years.

    Don't do it.

    Everything sounds about right.
  4. Dcnewb4now

    Dcnewb4now New Team Member

    People at my dc written up for not following “non negotiables”. At our dma they said how they want us all to be safety advocates and be self policing, as if they want us to eat on each other. But ya a guy got fired a few months back for unreceiving flow. Never heard of the next key stealing the previous keys prod though.
  5. jtd

    jtd Former DC

    Old t557 team member here. Been out for a few years now. Finished college, moved on to my field of study. I always look back and miss the good times a had there. Only reason that place was enjoyable was the people.

    These safety changes sound so silly. I keep on touch with a friend still working there. He's been filling me in on changes they've made.

    Any questions for t557?
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  6. notfit05

    notfit05 Trainer/ clerical / inbound D.C. / om trainee

    We to have seen an increased emphasis on safety including “safety school” for all current and new team members and temps, cph is based on volume for the most part as far as iknow . The unreceiving and re receiving as reserve is old and it happens from time to time but is a. Offense that will cause a right up as it causes double handling of merchandise as well as potential out of stocks for the store :... on a side note glad to see some activity from fellow dc members
  7. jtd

    jtd Former DC

    Three people I know of were fired due to receiving flow, then receiving it as reserve, then cancelling flow labels. It's interesting to think the only person of that group that did not get fired was promoted to GL/OM - heavily based on him being the #1 in production in the department (paraphrased from what he told others at the table during lunch).

    I guess I wont give names, but I can narrow it down to him being from the A1 shift at T557. Always left a sour taste in my mouth for that
  8. smashandthrash

    smashandthrash Former store LOG and Inbound/Receiving DC TM

    Probably had someone cherry picking freight for him too.

    Of course I could be crazy.
  9. jtd

    jtd Former DC

    Well, lets just say diaper trailers and palletized dog food trailers were not uncommon.
  10. notfit05

    notfit05 Trainer/ clerical / inbound D.C. / om trainee

    I’m sure you’ve been advised but they prefer we not use any identifying topics such as team member names or building / store numbers so that nothing can be traced to the person posting by target
  11. notfit05

    notfit05 Trainer/ clerical / inbound D.C. / om trainee

    ive seen this occur both due to faoritisim but also based not the effectiveness at which a person works said trailer .. some people will milk a “gravy load” all night long just because it has a full nights prod on it instead of finishing it in a timely matter
  12. Reading this after the fact, I now miss my non-con dude who'd get a dog food load out in 2-3 hrs instead of who they got now who'll milk the load 7-10 hrs, because the other guy is now ' too invaluable' in ART....
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