Archived Christmas seasonal second check...Huh???

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Jun 8, 2012
So I worked the christmas seasonal last year from start to finish. (well, until they let me go a month before they said i would be done) I picked up my last paycheck from the store and went on my merry way to cash it. I got home and there was a FedEx envelope from wherever pay comes from...for the EXACT SAME AMOUNT as my last check that i had picked up 2 hours before.

The stub said something along the lines of "VAC/PH" on the description of pay. Is this a seasonal bonus check for not quitting or getting fired before you're done?

I cashed it, and had no problem with it, and it showed up in eHR as a paycheck, minus the description. Am I the only one?
You probably had the same number of vacation hours vs regular hours on the two paychecks.
How do you get vacation pay as a seasonal employee. I thought you had to be around for a few months before even accruing any?
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