1. U

    Happy Holidays to Everyone!

    🎅 🎄 I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a beautiful holiday season and wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year! 🎄 🎅
  2. T

    Christmas Eve!

    Good morning all! Happy Christmas Eve. Good luck today, we’ve got this and we will all get through whatever comes our way. Just remember, no matter what they can’t take Christmas away from us and this is the last of the Christmas madness.
  3. T

    How Would You Rank These

    In terms of busiest, how would you rank today through Christmas? I’d say 1) Christmas Eve, 2) Christmas Eve-Eve, 3) Today. Just trying to get an idea
  4. S

    Christmas transition

    So I'm shopping at my local target and noticed half the Halloween shelves are either empty or 30% off clarence. Is anyone else getting ready for Christmas in the seasonal area?
  5. vyrt

    Archived Christmas blitz is back

    So I saw the early notes today and how we didn’t get Christmas out soon enough last year. So now get to go overnight after store close on Halloween! Have fun trick or treating with your children!
  6. M

    Archived what is bounce back?

    I keep hearing ETL's and TL"s talking about bounce back and how important it is. Can anyone give me some details on what it is and what may be expected of me? Thanks
  7. TargetLounger

    Archived Xmas Pay

    I know this year a few things changed with Holiday Pay without much communication. Does anyone know if Leads still get paid for Xmas eventhough the store is closed? This is my second holiday at Target but I swore we did last year.
  8. RTCry

    Archived Back to School vs Xmas

    Which one do you prefer? My vote is Xmas. Back to school sucks in a way that Xmas doesn’t. Share your war stories from either season.
  9. Z

    Archived Last Minute Shift Swap?

    I know this is dumb but I have been planning this for a while, but just recently decided on a date. I'm hosting a Christmas party on Saturday the 23rd. I noticed that MyTime wouldn't let me request off for a time that's already been scheduled. So yesterday, for the first time, I wrote my name...
  10. S

    Archived Week of Xmas

    Hi week of Christmas . Will they give us 2 days off beside Christmas.
  11. notfit05

    Archived Nightmare before Christmas

    we’ll the trees have began arriving already fall season is about to begin officially
  12. soyaxo

    Archived $1,000 Tree

    Came across a rather interesting Facebook link to a Target product (see files)
  13. LegendaryVKickr

    Archived Another Xmas Eve callout question

    A couple weeks ago, I posted my xmas eve mid shift for electronics up, thinking nothing else beyond "why not? Maybe someone will take it and I'll have time to spend with family, one of whom is ill enough this is likely the last time I'll see her." Asked the one TL who's not on the Target Koolaid...
  14. S

    Archived calling out christmas eve

    So, they have me scheduled 2:30-11 pm on chrtistmas eve as a cart attendant but i have family stuff going on that night i will miss if i go into work. i have tried to find someone but theres literally no other trained cart attendant that can take my shift. im mainly just wondering what will they...
  15. Marvin Martian

    Archived Last week of craziness

    Last week of craziness glad I am not on sales floor. Doing price accuracy all week. Good luck to all and may the week pass without many problems.
  16. G

    Archived "Don't you know it's Christmas?!"

    A guest told me this today after reaming me out about the lines they had to wait in. We had 7 registers open, which includes our entire sales floor and cashier team. Is anybody else's store completely running on fumes for payroll? I've never seen it this bad and it's honestly the worst...
  17. eightrats

    Archived Need Central Location for Womens Winter Hats..XmasSweaters

    Today in SL we had a run on winter hats.. but our store has different styles of hats located in about 7+ areas of the store @#$%... so when a Guest wants to know where to find them you have to point out all the different locations.. very frustrating to all except maybe the presentation/display...
  18. E

    Archived Who's got Christmas and the day after off???

    New schedule went up today and I guess flow is off the Monday after Christmas . There is no truck. We all were surprised and happy. Anyone else?
  19. F

    Archived Walmart Closing at 6pm Christmas Eve

    Just saw a news posting online about Walmart and how it is pushing for more online orders to be picked up in store. Also in the posting, Walmart will be closing at 6pm Christmas Eve, two hours earlier than last year. Come on Target, no need to be open til 11pm.
  20. J

    Archived Is it true that you get Christmas day paid even if don't work and your average is 29. 50?

    My friend at work told me this, and I'd like to know if it's true or not.