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Chronic Illness

Discussion in 'I'm Lost!' started by slegab21, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. slegab21

    slegab21 Self Checkout Junkie

    So pretty recently I've started to get migraines. I used to get them maybe once a YEAR, if that. Now, it's been three times in about a month and half. I had to call out once and leave early once. The other time was (fortunately?) a day off lol. Anyways, my GSTLs and GSAs are aware of the situation. But I was wondering if I should submit some kind of doctor's form to TSC in case this keeps happening. If I do have to call out on a more frequent basis, I wouldn't want that to put my job in danger.

    But, my question is - and maybe this is a store by store basis - would that be useful? Or would they just not even take it into consideration? The woman who works at HR most of the time is really unfriendly/unapproachable. So I thought I would ask here first in order to avoid being sassed at or ridiculed by her.

    Thanks friends!
  2. Yetive

    Yetive Servant of 2 Masters

    Sorry about the migraines.
    Yes, you should get a doctor's note. It provides a kind of protection for you. If you are worried about your HRTM, give it directly to your ETL HR, and express your concerns.
  3. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    Target is required by law to make reasonable expectations for you with a doctors note. We have a GSA who takes frequent bathroom breaks due to a medical condition. Not a big deal, someone covers the front
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  4. Dc26

    Dc26 New Team Member

    You need to get approved for intermittent FMLA. A doctor's note alone won't protect your job, that's what the FMLA is for.
  5. Hardlinesmaster

    Hardlinesmaster Business Partner

    Talk to etl hr or stl, for starters. Ck on medical stuff from spot. Review time off or medical on ehr.
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  6. monkeyman90

    monkeyman90 Team Member

    my store isn't the usual, but its no use. they say you we understand you get migraines but if you can't come into work, you can't be relied on.
  7. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    Did you present a doctors note?
  8. TTGOz

    TTGOz Team Leader

    I'm just glad that when I get stress or tension migraines that my TL will usually let me leave early.

    I had an 8 hour shift a few weekends ago and I got this horrible migraine like an hour into my shift and I left work at the 6.38 hour mark. The previous night I had only gotten like 3 hours of sleep and I literally forced myself to get up and my shift started in 20 minutes. That day was bad. I usually never dread my breaks but that day I dreaded each break because I'd be left alone to focus on my pain and my head would just pound.

    My meal break was torture. My other co-worker who's my buddy happened to be on his 15 and he kept messing with me and gave me a noogie out of no where and he knew I had a headache because I complained about it when he clocked in and I went on my first 15.

    I'll just say communication is key.
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  9. RightArm

    RightArm 2 Many Hats...

    Couldn't have said it better. We have TMs in our store with filed Drs Notes with HR and the store does a very good job of working with their needs.
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  10. Apapaia

    Apapaia Team Member

    Sorry about the migraines. I suffer with those too. Normally any medication will just dull the pain enough so that I don't drool at work and kinda look like a human.
    Talk to ETL HR and explain the situation, ask how to go about to protect your job when you have an episode. Show that you are willing to work out a deal that works for the company.
    Also don't be scared of the HR TM. Be nice to us HR TM, we mostly only bark....mostly
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  11. tgtguy

    tgtguy Team Leader

    I can relate to the migraine issues. I have suffered with them on and off for years. Thankfully, ( now) they are few and far in between. Years ago ( when it was at its worse) I would get one about every other week. I was having to call out and leave early etc. People who don't understand or suffer with migraines don't understand its not just a normal headache. You honestly feel like your head is going to explode, you are either sick on your stomach or actually throwing up, you cant stand sound of any kind or lights. Even after the headache is over ( at least for me) my head scalp etc would even feel bruised for a couple days after. I have gone to to t he doc , er etc with migraines. I have carried notes to work and let them know ...that this is an issue for me and something that can happen .My etl log ( at the time thank God she has left ) when I would have to call out I would say hey this is tgtguy...she would interrupt me and say let me guess yet another headache. I would say yes...then she said well don't you have meds for that. I said yes but they also make me sleepy and take awhile to work. So, after a while I got tired of her snippy comments and I went to the hr etl. I told her I suffered with migraines and I had brought it Doc notes etc. so it wasn't something I was making up. I then told her I didn't appreciate the etl/log lil comments. The hr etl told me that they had communication from my doc about the migraines. She said that there was nothing more that I could do on my part. She said as for the etl/log she would address that. She told me that no matter what my reason for calling out there shouldn't be comments made. I never abused the fact that they had a note from my Doc ( they knew this because I never really called out till the migraines started ) they knew IF I called out or had to leave that it had to be something serious . So, with the right meds and learning most of what triggers my migraines I have been able to reduce their frequency. Just let your etl/hr and or tl, etl know that this is something you are dealing with. Carry them a Doc note etc. Try not to stress over it because I know that for me stress was a major cause of my Migraines.
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