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Coming to WA State Targets and other stores: soon, no tax exemption for Oregon, AK etc

Black Sheep 214

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Apr 27, 2018
...on the cards management hands out to avoid any extra work because God forbid they lift a finger).
Is there any compensation for this inconvenience of the company not helping to resolve the account issue to potentially fix this issue because there's no way Oregon would refund all of which that was taken out.
If Spot were liable for compensation for the inconvenience, I’m guessing your issue would have been fixed in a New York minute. Sorry that happened to you, though, and hope you get your money back. You might want to contact the Oregon Department of Revenue at Oregon.gov and see if they can advise you. Good luck!
Nov 14, 2013
Speaking of tax, I am in WA rn visiting family and oh my word, the tax on gasoline is absolutely ridiculous!!!! Since we are close to a reservation, we were given a tip to gas up there to avoid the tax.
Then you would shit bricks in the UK where gas this summer roughly translated to about $9 a gallon.

We pay that much cause you don't have an income tax. We pay a high sales tax on everything I am cool with it. Why? 92 and sometimes 93 Octane gas. CA has gas taxes that high and an income tax. And only 91 as the top tier.