Companies are closing

Jun 11, 2011
How many of you seen headlines like this for the last two weeks? Wondering if it's bankruptcies or closing under performing locations? Nothing of the sort it just business the are closed Easter Sunday. Shitty headlines.
Q4 just ended, and the economy keeps getting worse. I imagine it's stores that are no longer profitable but the company was waiting for Q4 results to decide if it's worth it to keep them open or not.
The economy in my state is pretty good - low unemployment, new businesses (including large ones) opening, housing developers looking to expand apartment complexes already built, city hall looking to relocate and turn the current location into hotel space. It's not all great, but overall it's healthy.
Joann's, imo, went in the wrong direction when they sought to broaden their customer base. There are so many dollar stores that maybe that market became over-saturated? Sometimes it's less about poor economic conditions and more about bad business decisions.
Not a Wharton grad, just talking off the top of my head.