1. checklane01

    Lawsuit over Good and Gather Trademark Infringement

    I haven't seen a post about this so here we go. Also here's a link to view the original complaint.
  2. Mikuhl

    Flamingo Crossings (Disney Target)

    At the D23 Expo, Disney announced 25 Disney Stores coming to Target and 1 Target Store coming to Disney in 2021. This is assumed to be coming to the new Flamingo Crossings Town Center outside the western entrance of Disney World, Florida. I assume its going to be a small format store, as...
  3. F

    CNN is now reporting on stores! I think this is a good article that sums up what’s been going on with hours. Hopefully it leads to something.
  4. O

    Saddleridge Fire

    The fire in Porter Ranch (a San Fernando Valley community suburb of L.A.) is affecting a nearby Target store.
  5. M

    Fortune: Big-Box Rebound: How Target Packaged a Turnaround
  6. NightStocker

  7. S

    Saw something In the news about target and a guest who’s estate is suing

    Anyone know what’s up with that a tm reported Something and it was all a lie and the guy died due to stress
  8. starmaster1000

    The Magic of Disney Comes to Target What's your take? Is your store or a nearby store on the list? I see two near me. Is reshop about to become magically awful?
  9. checklane01

    Target Deal Days vs. Prime Days

    I just realized that Target announced the “biggest sale of the Summer” on the same days as Amazon’s Prime Days, July 15th and 16th. One thing Target is really pushing is that you don’t need a membership, compared to Prime Days where a Prime account benefits. These are some of the “sneak peek”...
  10. N

    Ignorant people make far too big of a deal about a CEO's pay... and the state of things at Target.

    There are quite a few things that need to be addressed here in terms of the state of the company, the state of the economy in general, CEO pay, worker pay, Target's social political stance and ultimately their real political stance. I just want to say... first and foremost, it is true that...
  11. buliSBI

    Smosh - Every Target Ever

  12. F

    Target CEO pay doubles.

    Target CEO Brian Cornell's total pay doubled to $17.2 million last year -...
  13. B

    Former TARGET vendor on his way to prison....

    How about that TARGET Co. vendor Mosselini(?)) guy being multi- feloned charge in the USC college admissions FRAUD scandal?!!! Him and his beautiful wife Lori Laughlin are both expected to do at LEAST a couple of years each for their mail fraud, bribary, and just overall mayhem in general! I say...
  14. HRZone

    WSJ: How Sears Lost the American Shopper
  15. N

    Paradigm shift required for humanity’s survival? Target related...

    What is our species going to do with itself and how will it continue to live when AI and robotics start to become advanced enough that they start wiping out large amounts of jobs? Think about almost all Target stores jobs being wiped out except maybe a couple tops... I know that sounds far...
  16. HRZone

    U.S. retailers hope higher pay will buy more efficient workers

    U.S. retailers hope higher pay will buy more efficient workers -
  17. Bullseyerc

    My theory on why Branch was replaced with Kronos.

    Branch Pay: Forever Changing the Two-Week Pay Period, Branch Messenger Launches Branch Pay™ to Give Hourly Employees Instant Access to Earnings - Rolled out shortly after Branch was...
  18. balthrop

    Hate Your Job? Here's What To Say When You Meet New People

    Yes — I’ve not read the article before posting this. No idea if there’s any kinda of paywall. Just posting about for the title alone.
  19. Amanda Cantwell

    NEW BRAND: Smartly

    Say Hello to Smartly, Target’s Newest Owned Brand With Most Items Under $2 - literally just cheaper up&up (I wonder if up&up will now get a rebrand as a slightly higher end line-- I hope so bc I really like it) clear strategy here is "come...
  20. Parker51

    Waffle House Index

    Here's your sign: Waffle House closed until after Florence -