1. E

    Target expanding to Europe soon

  2. E

    Business Insider article about DU returns

    Target employees say they are overworked and dreading the arrival of drive-up returns: 'Somebody is going to get hurt or killed doing this.'
  3. E

    Business Insider article about double tappers

    Target drive-up workers say app 'double-tapper' customers are a daily source of chaos and disruption as they try to meet tight fulfillment deadlines
  4. spikegrouchy

    We Went Viral on Facebook in a Bad Way 😢

    Someone posted this on FB a few days ago. I heard it was seen by corporate. So sad. We all had to spend two hours zoning "Style" yesterday morning...
  5. RetRobution

    In the news

    Target expects to lose 600 million this year in thefts which it attributes to organized crime. They are also spending more money on new theft detection systems. They do not mention self-check out and inflation are probably adding to shrinkage. I don't understand, either get rid of the self-check...
  6. P

    Cops shoot Pokémon thief There’s not much info on why the police fired on the thieves. But, 12 police...
  7. S

    Thank god we dont use Kronos

    Just saw that Kronos was hit with a Ransomware attack today and exposed a ton of user data supposedly. Thank God we don't use them now.
  8. T

    is this true fellow TMs?
  9. Dream Baby

    Christmas Eve Closing Time

    How late will Target be open on Christmas Eve? I thought it was 9:00 the last few years.
  10. T

    Never knew the rivalry was This bad....

  11. S

    Global Covid 19 First Responder Barbies

    Has anyone seen these Barbies in store? I have at least one guest a day ask me for them.
  12. M

    Will Target reverse its original decision and instead be open Thanksgiving 2021?

    Pressure is on. Earlier this year, Target announced it will be closed Thanksgiving 2021. Probably imagining the pandemic would last through end of 2021. Obviously, no more masks. Things are back to normal for the most part. Wal-Mart has not announced plans to be closed Thanksgiving 2021...
  13. G

    805 times regular employees pay
  14. oath2order

    The end of the Marathon, Texas Target store

    Do you recall seeing that little small Target store? It got destroyed! This is the saddest day
  15. buliSBI

    Holiday Cookies gone wrong

    Can anyone confirm this with an actual photo..
  16. Formina Sage

    Ulta Beauty will be opening mini-stores within Target stores
  17. balthrop

    West Coast Fire(s) as in everything is on fire

    so our DC apparently just buggered the hell off do to the smoke. so our freight flow has become at best extremely minimal and we will now begin to eat our backroom for stock. so long story depending on which Tl ETl you want to believe our DC is either closed or on reduced staffing
  18. F

    $15 minimum wage and $200 bonus recognition for work during pandemic I work at a distribution center. Does the $200 include us???? We've been able to pick up overtime every now and then but now we are forced to work mandatory overtime.
  19. jackandcat

    Seattle-area Target looted this afternoon, according to Tukwila Police

    The Tukwila police informed KIRO-TV that the South Center Target was looted this afternoon. Now I know why the rest of the Seattle area Target stores were shut down this afternoon.
  20. StaticSun

    Philadelphia-area Targets looted

    1 - Captured live via news helicopter. This is the City Line Ave Target in the NW part of the city 2 - looted around 2pm today 3 - no reports, although store is closed 4 - looted last night 5 - looted this evening, angry neighborhood mob is now defending it 6 - looted yesterday 7 - no...