Solar Eclipse

Nov 10, 2017
If you're only stopping by to tell us you're too cool to get excited about eclipses, move along, please. This thread isn't for you.

For those of you in the path of visibility, is your store planning anything special for the day? Do you think it'll affect guest traffic? If you're working during the event, are you going to keep stepping outside with your SE glasses or whatever equipment you're using and giving zero shits what's happening in the building?

I've worked at night during lunar eclipses. There tend to be a lot of spontaneous breaks with a whole bunch of people running out to the parking lot to geek out over the view. :)
I have seen partial lunar eclipse once while driving to work early morning . Was an amazing experience .
The last/only total eclipse I've seen was back in the 90s when I was a kid...I got to bring my dad's welding mask to school that day and my whole class was watching it with me on the playground as everything went suddenly dark in mid-afternoon as an evil and inauspicious omen of the many years of bankruptcy and ruin that would inevitably follow
We're not getting a total eclipse, but 90%. So close. But they scheduled a Yankees game during it, so that'll be interesting.
Apparently my area is getting a "deep partial eclipse, with some amount of sky darkening," according to I'll probably walk out of the store when it's supposed to happen for like a few seconds, but other than that I won't pay attention much. Still cool though!
I have taken nearly a week off for this. I'm in a northern state, but road tripping to Hot Springs, Arkansas to view with my partner.

We both saw the 2017 eclipse. Her in Wyoming and I in Beatrice, Nebraska. We both agree that it was one of the most AMAZING experiences of our lives. I was literally moved to tears as I recorded video of it. It was just so damn beautiful.

From what I've seen in news articles, it sounds like many places are expecting heavy traffic. This is for good reason. My drive to Beatrice took me about 6 hours. My drive back home took me about 15 hours. The traffic was intense! Like 15 MPH on an interstate highway for 10 hours type intense. The last eclipse saw gas stations running out of gas, stores empty of their shelves. Any store, Target included, in the path of totality not making plans is going to lose. Plain and simple.
I got my glasses at Kroger because my Target didn't carry them though eclipse coverage near me is almost 100%.
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