Confused on termination?!

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I have a 25 yr old red checker pattern Thermos 16 oz coffee mug/cup. Got most of the stains off the inner surface. Not easy. Mrs. Captain got a Contigo stainless mug, nothing worthy of any stupid shit social media recognition. It carries coffee, it keeps it hot. It was on the clearance rack. Try Peets Major Dikason dark roast. Quite nice, robust with a clear finish.
I had to terminate a whole price change team back in the day when they all ticketed stuff , stashed it on an endcap went to break at 7:50 bought the items at 8 am when store was opened .
But they did a double whamming because you can’t ticket yourself and buy it , and the fact they didn’t wait 15 minutes .
Always read the handbook and the fine prints .
thats so funny because at my store a TM and an ETL both purchased one before we opening 🫣 we had 6 total (4 after those two were bought) and a line of 30 people since 5am to buy them...
I'm not saying all leadership follows the rules but if a Guest found out that Team Members purchased a high value item before they did- your leader is done for.

During the pandemic- Target let Team Members buy stuff before it hit the floor. I would tell people just tell me what you want and if it comes on the truck you can have it. Rules didn't apply back then.
I'm really sorry about your experience working at Starbucks and how overwhelmed you were. Since I don't work at Target anymore and I have no interest in visiting my old store, I'm not really sure what the Stanley Cup is. However, if an item wasn't on the sales-floor for more than 15 minutes so that guests had an opportunity to buy it before team members, team members are not allowed to buy that particular item.

It was in the handbook, which is why no one in leadership had an obligation to tell you that the rule exists.
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