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Jun 12, 2012
Just a curious question:

How are fights and confrontations handled at your store?

What do you do when a fight breaks out?
fights and Confrontations usually result in termination for the one who initiated it. We recently fired three team members for a physical altercation over who was going to work in an aisle when unloading the truck! Stupidity never gets anyone anywhere....
Some go around the fighters in a circle. While some just run home. Oh, wait a minute. That's high school. :)
Depends on the severity. Typically, the one who initiates the fight is on final warning, and if you hit back you're on CA. In my store, at least.
Sounds like those are fun stores to work in. You said fights....with an 's.' Does this happen often? It doesn't happen in our store and if it did, the instigator(s) would be termed and maybe that's why it doesn't happen.
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Do not do what static just posted. It won't mask anything.

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Removed, as some people are oblivious.

did you do the old starcraft or whatever game trick where you said something like "wow did you know you can post your store number and will block it out?"

I'm guessing so...and dammit, I was thinking about doing that too!
Not that I think violence is the answer but I think it would be kinda cool to see a couple LODS get into it go LODS go! LOL
definately bring that up in your etl interview...that you asked for advice on how to handle the inevitable fights you will surely encounter.
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