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Oct 14, 2011
Well, it has been a fun ride.

A while ago our playstation rep told me he was quitting and offered to put in a good word for me with his manager. Long story short, I put in for the job and did a phone interview. Got a call on Friday telling me the job was mine, and my future boss (who sounds chill as hell) told me I could take the weekend to think over if I was ready to leave Target. It is just too good of a job to pass up, and the BS that has been going on at my store the past two years is too much.

They are starting me at $17/hour. ($2 more than I make as a TL) *They actually gave me more pay for having an AA degree and retail experience unlike Target!* I get full benefits, fuel reimbursed on my car, and if I move up to the "next level" over time I was told I would qualify for a company car.

When I first applied I thought the job was totally just going to retail stores, but there is a ton more involved. For example, I will get to go (all expenses paid) to gaming events like E3 and will get to show off playstation products on the show floor. Another perk I was told about was that I would get pretty much one of anything produced by SCEA so I could know what I am talking about when I go to stores. (so 1 free PS3, 1 PS Vita, any new SCEA produced game, etc) Plus anything 3rd parties want us to promote when we visit stores.

I was hesitant to do it, but since most of my long term coworkers are now gone I don't really have anything holding me back.

Now the question is..... how freaking awkward and hellish are the ETLs going to make my life over the next two weeks knowing I am leaving for something better..... Really, part of me wants to cuss a certain ETL out and walk out the door, but I want to remain rehire-able. No plans on going back probably, but you never know.
How do you apply for a job like that? I've always been interested in doing exactly this, but never really knew how to go about it.
I knew that was the best choice for you.
Don't let the ETL's bug you in the slightest, just smile and do your eight.
It will drive them crazy.
Good luck and don't be a stranger.
I really do not think they will be much of a problem though probably a little envious.The two weeks will go by quick and you probably have some ph that you can use to work some short shifts,you know of course to keep everything low key and talk about all the things you love and miss about Target and ease yourself out.As long as you behave in good way any issues from ETLs would only show low class on their part.I wish you all the best of luck and believe you are making a great move.
Congrats!! Sad to see you go, but it will be a great experience nevertheless for you! You hit the nail on the head, do not burn any bridges. Hopefully your store has a TL 'bench' they've lined up for a situation like this, but knowing most stores-- they probably don't. In addition, at least you were able to wrap up the fourth quarter, and your store will have plenty of time to find someone. Deliver the 2 weeks offstage to your ETL, and follow-up with your ETL-HR. Of course they're going to ask you why, so have an answer ready and be able to speak to the fact you have another opportunity you want to pursue. Hah! I'm sure this will be a huge topic of discussion during their Exec. Meeting!!
Just fill out your form & work your 2 weeks completely. In case, you have to come back to spot, if things don't work out.
Be sure you will get a lot of hours. In some markets, gaming reps can end up really working only one week a month.

Congrats for being able to be free of Target.
Congrats on getting paroled!
As all others said, work your 2 weeks out & show 'em the definition of 'class act'. Who knows, you might teach 'em a thing or 2 by the time you leave for good. Remember, too, that the bridge you burn might be the one you have to cross back on.
Well, I was sitting outside this morning waiting with two other TLs and 3 TMs for about 20 minutes for an ETL to come open the door. (yes, literally 20 mins... they were "busy" in the backroom) I told them as we were waiting outside I was turning in my 2 weeks, and was soon going to be free of BS like waiting to be let in. They all thought I was joking. (I have been branded a "lifer")

So anyway, as soon as we got in I walked to the ETL-HRs office and put my voluntary term form on her desk. She looked at me with a "WTF is this?" kind of expression. And was like "oh.... you are leaving. ok, well we will talk later"

So I guess she gossiped to every other ETL in the building, because about two hours later two ETLs (including the one I would like to cuss out before leaving, but won't) came back to electronics and started hassling me about my department. Literally, two of them at one time. I was just leaning up against the boat saying "uh huh. Oh ok, yea I'll take care of that" You should have seen how pathetic it was. *No one* ever pulls that with me. My department is solid green, and they were digging so hard to find something to hassle me about. Oh, are all the signs up on this aisle? Yep, audited it myself yesterday. Is this end cap supposed to be set still? Yep. You could see how desperate they were knowing in two weeks they would no longer have anymore power over me than anyone else on the street.

So when they got done pathetically trying to push me around and were about to walk off I said to the ETL I can't stand (with a joking tone of voice) "Hey, don't forget to ask me if you can help me find something when I visit three weeks from now. I might do a little bit of shopping after I'm doing checking to make sure your PS3 section is brand". The look on his face was priceless.

So about another hour later I get called on the walkie to go to my STL's office. I thought our STL would be there. Wrong! It was the ETL-HR alone in the STL office for some reason. (honestly, I think it was some kind of intimidation tactic that was a complete fail)

So she starts asking me where I am going, why I am leaving. I kind of like our ETL-HR, so I wasn't smart with her. So she tells me "Oh, I just got off the phone with our STL. She wants me to let you know that your are on track to promote to Sr TL one day". I am ROFL in my head when she says this, because just two months ago our STL told me flat out that she would never consider me for SRTL when I asked her about it. I basically turned her down flat out, and told her the two weeks stands.

The most interesting thing - pretty much all of the store found out I was leaving in a matter of hours. TM's all of a sudden were talking to me like I was a regular TM all of a sudden, and most everyone who was not an ETL was telling me they were happy for me.

Yea, I can tell though they are going to make my life hell. They did the same thing to the last TL who put in her two weeks.

But I am not going to stress. After all, what are they going to do? Fire me?

Honestly though, for the first time in I don't remember how long I actually felt good about being at Target. Funny how that works.
Like I said, show 'em what class looks like. Evidently they haven't been exposed to it much.
Sounds like my store...once they know you do a good job that they always try to nick-pick to find something wrong so that they can keep you in that spot. Then when they know they are going to lose someone that works hard they say or do anything to keep them there except for rewarding actual recognition.
This sort of stuff just absolutely amazes me SoT. I don't disbelieve you, but every leadership group I've ever been around, both at my store and others I've trained at, are nothing like that. We've got one ETL who's pretty new and gets a bad attitude from time to time, but the others keep her in line and I suspect she's a nice a girl who just doesn't quite get it yet.

I couldn't deal with a work environment with that kind of negativity, I'd just lose it. Regardless, best of luck to you in your future endeavors.
Well, I'm an ETL and I'd just like to say good luck. I don't understand those that take someone leaving so personally. It's always a bummer for leaders when someone who is good at what they do and runs a green workcenter decides to leave, but I see no point in pulling stuff like those two ETLs you mentioned. I wish you the best of luck. I'm sure you'll do well in your next position.
Congratulations!!! It def sounds like an awesome opportunity!!

Have fun in your endeavors and keep us all posted! :)

P.S. If you get any extra free swag feel free to send some my way ;)
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