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Decision Book.


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Jun 16, 2011
Is there a place where ETL/SrTL write down all of their major decisions? I was talking about this with my dad and he always had to go through the Comptroller of the government and one of the things they did to help their fellow workers was to write down every major decision and it's outcomes on a report and it went to storage.

If you ever had a question, you just went down and found the topic and then you had your answer. It was informal and there were lots of notes on each topic such as how to handle a contract, whom to call when things went wrong.

Wonder if Target has a similiar system?
Jun 12, 2011
Most ETLs and Tls will keep notes about each major holiday or event. I know I keep notes about which flex endcaps worked very well during BTS, Memorial Day, Mothers Day etc. Also any area specific events where we may have ordered in extra product. I keep copies of schedules from major holidays. I note on them where we needed double coverage and what times we could have done without as much.