Denied Time off request


Aug 6, 2021
Okay so I need oct 10th - October 16th off because I’m going out of town for my birthday, I put my request in very early, I talked to my TL and she told me to remind her two weeks before the date I needed time off. I checked to see if my time off request was approved and saw it was denied. They left a comment saying “please see manager” I’m confused about who the time off request goes to and who do I need to speak to about getting the time off approved?
May 13, 2019
The op wants 6 days off of course they gonna make it hard as shit for them to take vacation. They have work harder to find people to cover while she's away. Plus if it's payed then they are really gonna make it harder. I can't begin to tell you how hard it was for me. Always tell your lead blah blah. Or you can't take an entire week off you have to take part of one week and part another shit. Or I didn't see the request that it was payed despite doing with another lead bullshit you just didn't wanna pay me asshats.