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Jun 19, 2012
Last Tuesday or so, I submitted my information on the eHR for direct deposit.
The message on screen said due to the timing, I might still get a paper check my next check.
I get paid this Friday, the 20th.

Would I get a paper check Friday?
In your account - look for the test deposit - sometimes its nothing -- sometimes its a penny ---

After that -- all good --
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My daughter changed her for direct deposit on the Monday (June 25th following payday Friday (June 22nd) and her July 6th paycheck still came as a check --- no direct deposit. It gave her the same message as you got. So she is hoping this Friday (July 20th) it should be directly deposited!
I was always told that it takes up to 2 paychecks before it goes through.
Annie? Gotcha ears on, GF?
It does take some time for it to go through. I don't know the exact time frame, but if you just did it last week, you'll probably get a paper check this Friday, but the next one should be direct deposit.

zann1209, I would be surprised if your daughter got a paper check this time around.
When I changed bank accounts this time last year, I got one paper check then went back to direct deposit.....I know they tell me at the other job that it takes a cycle because they'll transmit the information they have to the bank like it was real to check and make sure the information is correct, but won't actually make the deposit.
It's still entirely possible. When I switched banks mid-employment with spot, and set up the new direct deposit to go to the current checking account, I remember getting one as a paper check. Not too big of a deal at all.
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