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Planosss enraged

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Apr 30, 2017
An SD should be cordial, informed and communicative. I don’t care if they “help” out on the floor. If the rest of ETLs, TLs and TMs can’t get the grunt work done, what another body gonna do?
Jan 8, 2021
Our ETL did this. Every. Dang. Day. She pulled TMs and sent them to do every which thing and never bothered to inform the TLs until things started to blow up because the TMs original assignments were either late or not completed at all. And guess who got the blame for the whole mess? Not her, that’s for sure…🙄
Just had something like this happen, and I brought it up to HR and my ETL, and spoke at length like a 19th century orator about how it was not okay. Hopefully that ends right now, I won't tolerate it.