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Do you work here?

Feb 21, 2012
Greetings! Newbie here. I'm glad a friend of mine told me about the Breakroom.

I've been with Target since October 2010. I started as a Market Recovery TM. Then got offered the Cosmetics Brand TM spot. After that, got promoted as the HBA, Cosmetics, Paper, Chemicals TL. When I'm not doing my job, I'm doing every other crap the ETLs throw at me: P-Fresh "TL" on Tuesdays when the TL is off, mid-day GSTL when they go on lunch, sales planner "TL", and of course, Zoner. I also dabble in Presentation, especially in Cosmetics since nobody likes to do it. I'm also recently learning more about Price Accuracy since my best friend is the PATL.

On my spare time, I like to go to my store and check on my departments and weep when it's a mess.

My strengths are:
Drives for Results
Demonstrates Accountability

My opportunity is:
Managing Talent

Anyway, hi to you all!


Staff member
Jul 11, 2011
Interesting username!

Welcome to the forum, korpsfukker!

Glad your friend dragged you in here