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Aug 6, 2012
so i just started at target last week as a 4am flow tm...not one time has anyone above me checked in to see how i am doing..let me know i'm doing aok...asked/told me to take a break...are your TL's this uncommunicative...I sort of feel for my fellow team members...i have talked with a few while working and they seem nice...

seems to be as a new TM someone would say something above me...even ask if i have any questions (i will ask if i do)...just seems wierd?!
TLs are usually too busy for that, especially flow. It also depends on the person. ETL-Log should have said something, but mine probably wouldn't. When the ETL-HR opens, he/she might say something. Last night I was training a BR-Day TM and the ETL-SF introduced himself to him. TM's been there a week. Flow is also a hectic time of day.
I disagree, your flow team lead should be checking in with you. Part of our job is to develop our team. Hopefully you were assigned a trainer and they should be checking in with you as well. When we take the time and money to hire someone, we need to make sure we take the time to train them correctly and make them feel like part of the team. You should also take the initiative to ask questions of your coworkers. I will say that in the store I currently work at, during our biweekly TL meeting we make it known who all the new team members are and each TL is expected to have at the very least introduced themselves no matter if they are in your work center or not. Also if we see a new hire, no matter the work center, sitting alone during their break, we will sit with them and chat. Those first few weeks at Target can be really lonely if you don't know anyone.
Your TL should be checking in and whoever your trainer should be there to answer your questions.
Don't be shy though, step out and introduce yourself, the squeaky wheel sometimes needs a bit of grease.
STL asked me about new TM today. Said he had talked to him earlier.
Wasn't given any kind of learning plan....just told to go with someone and they then proceeded to train me on whatever we were assigned to do...
Maybe they will check in on my next shift....regardless I will address them on my next shift - thanks for the feedback!
No check in by the TL but yea was given a it normal to only be with them the first 3 shifts? Breaks are something I have to ask about next one has said whether to take these on my own at appropriate time or if I'm to be told.. Sounds though like someone should be more on top of this so I will just have to take the initiative and find out! :). Thanks for your feedback!
Sure...just ask your TL at some point at the beginning of your shift, "so, how do breaks work?" If they are worth anything, they will explain it to you.
On our poster it says breaks should be taken as close to the middle of a 4 hour period as possible. When I pull the Autofills in the morning, I don't go until after I finish them. That is just me being nice though. They can't make you finish a job before taking your break.
1st day I had the new TM doing the online training for P-Fresh etc... I introduced them at our huddle. I assigned them to a trainer as soon as they were done with the computer stuff. The first few days I made sure they were trained on the line front and back, breaking out, softlines wave, hard lines wave, unloading the truck how to use a manual pallet jack... They were given the Learning Plan the first day. I made sure I spoke to their trainer after a couple of days to see how they were doing. I also spoke to them and asked how things were going and if they had any questions. After the training was done (about 2 weeks)I would take the new tm around the store and question them on what they learned before I signed off on the learning plan. I also made sure they knew that they are always learning and can't do it all in 2 weeks.Yes I am busy and flying around but I'm only as good as my team members and its good to start them out on the right foot. I would also stock with them for a few minutes in the 1st couple of weeks to see how they were stocking.
Oh and breaks were all taken together at the same time. I can't keep an eye on 30 team members taking breaks at different times and milking the clock. We took it at store opening so we could get as much pushed before guests were on the floor. No we didn't go to the floor huddle. They take too long 10 - 15 minutes. Mine were short sweet and to the point at 5 - 6 minutes.
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