Archived Easter Eggs - ISM issues

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Feb 3, 2012
Any signing members find it interesting that they actually sent double-sided adhesive pads to fix the overheads for mini and then tell us just to use the pads like pieces of tape? :huh:

If you haven't used the double-sided adhesive pads already don't put them over the top of the egg fins like the picture shows you. Put them around the outer ring of the the plastic "top" to the egg and then insert the fins. This will sandwich the sticky pad between the plastic ring and the egg fin holding it oh-so-much more securely.

Oh, when the second "fix" came down and suggested that we needed to punch six holes into each of the fins on all the eggs inserting a christmas-tree clip I got asked "are you alright" by the ETL that was in the office with me. Must have look :wacko:
Took me about 2 hours to set up all 9 of the eggs... i did end up using the adhesive like tape as the picture described and for some reason the pink fin on all of them didnt want to cooperate. Its been up for a week and nothing has fallen apart yet so im hopeful itll last... According to the picture we were originally sent it looked like we were supposed to get monofilaments to hold them together.
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