Globalworx Tablet Issues

Jul 31, 2020
Has anyone else's Vendor Tablet been giving you issues? When some of my vendors try to sign in it either just keeps processing and then times out, or the screen will go mostly black and the only way to do anything is to unplug the tablet completely.

I'm not sure if I'm just having super bad luck with my tablet or if it is an issue with globalworx. I've called CSC and they reset the tablet but it still is having the issues.
Same issue at my store. Our receiver called around and the other stores in my area are having the same issues. CSC and PML don’t know what’s going on.
Yes. There was a recent software update the PML did. Not sure if it's any better, I haven't worked receiving since I saw it being done a couple days ago
I should probably call CSC and ask about it again. I did that once and they did a full reset of the tablet and that didn't fix the problem. I had called globalworx but it specifically says to call CSC in the prompts. Something is broken in their program and I need them to fix it.
I called CSC today and was told they are aware of the issue. They do not know when it will be fixed. I told them I was also having issue with the signing them is using the My Device.
Our tablet is down due to a power issue, but I'm getting the same thing on the Zebra. I chatbotted it today since our BP is freaking out over it