Empty Shelves

Nov 14, 2013
Personally, I've stopped trying because I know I can't finish everything. I pick one task at a time, sorry Target. Pulls first, occasionally mixed in with a reshop cart (after break or whatever), THEN zoning...sometimes I don't even get to the reshop.

The counts being wrong in the system is aggravating. I had an OPU yesterday that said we had 8 on floor, 0 in back. I go to the floor location - nothing there. Nothing in the backroom. So I had to INF it. Saturday this happened for someone else, and the guest put us through the mill because she didn't want the item shipped to her. (deodorant that was on clearance, and she mistakenly thought it would be shipped to Target so she'd have to come back.) You can cancel the order in the email, but you also get guests like this who misunderstand and yell at us about it.

This is why I tell TMs on the floor to first check the sales floor location and then see if it's located in the back. I ignore the "count on hand" in the Zebra because it's rarely accurate. If it says 11 on hand with no backroom locations, it's wrong. If it says some on hand, it means it came in, but is sitting on a vehicle waiting to be worked by someone who will get to it in three or four days since there aren't hours.
Story of my life.
Mar 3, 2016
"Truck team" wouldn't be pushing domestics or furnishings as they are priority 2.
If they are pushing anything it would p1 merchandise. And all of that is changing....