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Jun 14, 2011
So I just read that the ad supported 3G Kindle is getting a price cut down to $139, the same price as the NON ad wifi only model. This is due to a shot in the arm from AT&T. Now when we are going to see the price change I'm not sure. I scanned the area last night when I came in and it was still the $169 price.

Anyways I think the main reason for this drastic change might have to do with this:

So for the first time in a while we will be carrying more than just a Kindle. Should be interesting as this eReader will connect to a Google powered store.

What I want to know though is where they would put the thing in my store and is there going to be a display? In my store that section is already crowded with a whole Kindle showcase and the new tablet displays. Unless maybe they use an endcap. I do remember long before I worked for Target that my store had the Sony dReaded display on an endcap.
An entire suite of eReaders? Awesome. The Sony eReaders sold so well we had them.

I'd prefer it if they just gave us the Kindle and the Nook to sell, those are the only two I get asked about.
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