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Eh. Feel a tiny bit bad about that answer. On the off chance this was a real question. . .A new ETL can be put into any ETL position. Most common are GE and SF (hardlines, softlines or both). HR is also pretty common. I've seen a couple put into LOG, but only very few. Now, that I think about it, I've never seen a new ETL-Rep. . .but I've only ever worked in a store that even had one of those for a couple of months. It is probably possible.

Also, Target does not choose ETL placements based on gender.


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Except for softlines, those are always women.

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Lol!! Our ETL Softlines was a guy, but he just got promoted to ETL-Food at another store. You're lucky I like you! And!!! my fellow SL-TL is a man. So there! Also, I am a woman if you didn't know! :lol2:
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I find it interesting that men wouldn't be in those roles. At HQ, almost every department is evenly split between men and women. So you end up with guys working on women's clothing and stuff. It gives good perspective though and prevents groupthink.


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Except for softlines, those are always women. [...] Grins and runs away before walruses shows up.
My store has a male ETL-Softlines. Other than the ETL, we only have one male who works in softlines (though he's on LOA so people forget about him). Also, walruses is a TL, not an ETL. But close enough. :-D
My ETL-GE is a male, as is our ETL-LOG, who just came to us after working basically the same position at Home Depot. Our ETL-SF and ETL-HR are both female, and our ETL-HR is a new ETL, I think.
I thought they usually didn't give LOG to new fresh out of college ETL's. Unfortunately they did it to me and he only lasted about 3 months. He was overwhelmed.
Lies we have a new to target etl ge and years ago we had a male etl sl so idk if it matters gender wise. My old etl sl was the girliest girl there ever was and she was etl ap first so....