Archived exit interview, what to expect?

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Dec 17, 2011
I imagine most of you on here have not been through the exit interview process yet, but perhaps someone can shed some light on what is involved.

Most of my grievances are with the leadership in the building, but I suppose bringing it up with them in this exit interview would be a moot point.

Integrity hotline maybe?
I was told I was going to have official one. But it ended up being a brief in-the-hall chat with my STL. Then doing the Exit Survey.
The only thing I did was fill out the Termination form. I didn't have any issues with things going on at the store, though.
it depends on your position, a tl or higher will get the chat & survey. a tm fills out the form. only exception, if you an old timer, my stl will have a chat if you quit for another job opp.
you will be filling out some forms and will be probably having a quick chat with the person that gives you the forms to fill out... and they will send you on your way...
STL and HR couldn't even bother to show their faces today, so 5 minutes later I was free to go! Aces!
You're freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Run! Run like the wind!
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