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Jun 9, 2011
Team cards are all well and good but what are some of the creative and fun ways your store recognizes you? What about fast fun and friendly events?

We do food a lot. So much our team is getting sick of it. Thats saying a lot when they are ready to turn down free food! We've done team card scavenger hunts, team card drawings, overhead trivia. We do an annual picnic, which only the "cool kids" go to. Races (who finishes their aisle first) for the flow team with, again, a free lunch for the winners. We had a water balloon fight once behind the store. Our STL and dayside execs came once to unload the truck, on a double!
One of our GSAs is in charge of organizing FFF redcard contests/games. People who get redcards get a lot of recognition, as well as people who are seen offering the 5% today & everyday to the guests :D
Get outta my head, SrTLRep! I was thinking of posting this thread this morning while I was at work. I come home & look what I see! hehe GMTA, ya know? :)

For the GTC once a month we can bid on items with our cards. The GTC are called fuzzy bucks. White one are worth one fuzzy buck, CIHYFS is worth 5, Safety I think is worth 10, and the huge ones are worth 25. They have Target shirts, bags with different items such as spot, key ring, coffee mug, etc. Generally there are about 10-12 things you can bid on. The bidding lasts about 2 weeks. Then you turn in your fuzzy bucks to claim your prize. GTC don't expire so you can accumulate them.

For FFF events at Easter we decorated baskets and voted on one we liked best. We've had bring in school pics and try and guess who was who. We've had vote on the cutest pets, we've also had puzzles & coloring contest. Just a couple weeks ago we could tie dye a t-shirt. We also have food too. Build your own sundae, floats, a taste of Mexico for Cinco De Mayo. Recently we had pizza for 100 days of safety. We had a cookout on Memorial Day. Our GSETL grilled Hot dogs and burgers for us. A few weeks ago our flow team had a picnic at one of our local parks. It was fun. They are trying to arrange a competition between our store and the one across town playing softball. A SL TL is in charge of FFF events and she comes up with some great ideas. She's always open for suggestions and anyone is welcome to come to their meetings the first of the month.
unless you get redcards(which I find next to impossible) you pretty much don't get recognized by anyone TL or over and when you do it doesn't feel genuine.

We do have FFF food events but I don't really consider that bribery not recognition.
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We don't do a darn thing at ours. They have been telling us for at least 4 months now that there will he some sort of prize things with GTC but ive yet to see anything...
Our store does get food alot then normal and is decently fun.. Our STL is really cool and in his early 30's, so he knows how alot of us feel and what we would like to see.. Apparently we might try a outing like paintball or something but how that would work who the hell knows
We usually have a few volunteer opportunities per year (about every 2-3 months)

We have fun things like a dunk tank for us to plunge our favorite/"favorite" ETL into ice cold water.

Throw a pie at a TL or ETL

Safety drawings every day

Games for Red Cards

Some silly game at huddle where you can win some dinky item (usually from mini)

My store is really good at the FFF events!! Usually free food at least twice a month for everyone too!!!! (like root beer floats or pizza party)
I feel FFF is absolutely essential to keeping worker morale high. Potlucks, volunteer events, picnics, holiday/anniversary/b-day parties, volunteer events, local community involvment, whatever it takes to appeal to your team and store members =)
We've done ETL face pies ('till they're tired of it), cashier bingo, free combos -- but they reallly seem to go for free Starbux or giftcards.
We had a team race. You are given three team mates at cashier,one backroom and either a SL or HL tm. Youare given a grocery list the SL/HL tm goes around the store trying to complete a list.there are a few item missing so you walkie backroom to pull it ,once you're done you bring your items to your cashier and rings you up.

It was really fun.
We had the team leads plan fun Friday food events for a month. Divide the team leads into groups by area (salesfloor, food, logistics, pricing presentation instocks) Each group gets one Friday to WOW! the team.The team got to vote on which Friday was the best and the winning Team Leads got to go out for dinner on Target. This had the team leads working together, and the team was treated to some really good food. The team leads all tried to outdo the others. We had a Casino Day(tons of finger type foods), Mexican Fiesta (taco/nacho bar), Sweet Shop Day (my personal favorite) Picnic Day (fried chicken potato salad etc)They did not just put out food either. The break room was decorated, some had a movie or music playing, some had games to fit the theme. It really was something everyone looked forward to and we will be doing it again!
The Olympics are coming up so you could have store Olympics. Cashier races, who rings faster? Put registers in training and have all team members ring 10 identical items and see who is faster. Throw in some shirts with no tags so they have to look inside.
A strong person competition. See who can hold 2 jugs of laundry soap iron cross style the longest. Start at the begining of huddle and see who lasts. Re shop race using mart karts! Of course this would be when the store is closed.
Keep posting ideas guys!!! I am stealing alot of these :)

I think alot of people do drawings and stuff like that, but I am digging some of the more creative ones! We obviously do chubby bunny, wrap your tl (wrapping paper or toilet paper), and egg races. I would like to see some FFF events for more specific things such as redcards, guest surveys, or GTCs outside of drawings? I was thinking of doing an "8 degrees of Target" game, where you have 8 great team cards in a lanyard, and you have to have no repeat names on the cards except the person to write card #1 has to be spotted on card #8 (making it full circle)... everytime it gets completed there is a drawing maybe?
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