Nov 10, 2022
So tomorrow is my first day and I’m just so confused! Like do I enter through the doors and ask a random person there about what I should do? Do I enter to that “team members only” area? WHERE DO I GO?!?? WHO DO I ASK?!? I don’t even know how to punch in! I feel so unprepared!! I’m so nervous someone please help me!!
Have you had orientation or is that tomorrow? Go up to the service desk. Give them your name and tell them you’re there for orientation or there for your first day and need to know where to go.
I already had orientation. Tomorrow is my first day of training and I have no idea where to go. Do I go to the guest services desk and ask for help? I’m really confused…
Your first day should be orientation. Ask guest service if you need guidance to the room.
I already had my orientation and tomorrow is my first day of training. I just need to know who to ask for help and idk who my trainer is gonna be either IK it says it on the schedule (it says “see TL”) but I don’t know if it’s this girls initials or if it stands for team leader…