1. K


    if my orientation is today, and i found out there was a death in the family and will not be able to work this weekend, will i not be able to work there anymore? or will they just start me the next week??
  2. M

    What should I expect Monday at Orientation?

    I start Target on Monday as a Cashier. What should I expect the first week at Target?
  3. U


    I got a call from my target to confirm my orientation date and time and she said she was going to email me a confirmation but she never did. Should I call in the morning before I go in or just show up?
  4. uchiha262

    Hiring Orientation!!

    So I called my store to see if I’m still scheduled for my orientation on 10/29 and to see what time I have to be there. From what I understood because I couldn’t really understand her I’m guessing something was wrong with her phone, she said is that they don’t know much about it and that...
  5. uchiha262

    Hiring Orientation

    Ok, so they got back to me from my prescreening and everything was fine. It says to look back at my first letter for first day instructions. It only has a date and where to meet at but no time. Will they call me or remind me the day before my orientation date? or should I call the day before to...
  6. H


    I got hired at target a month ago, HR has yet to call me regarding orientation. I’ve went in to the store and they told me i’d receive a call soon but I never did. When I call HR no one ever answers. Is there any other person I can talk to regarding this? Or what should I do because I feel as...
  7. T

    Update on job offer/background check email

    I got a job offer on my third interview and was told to wait for an email for a background check within two days. Four days later and an email hasn't come and now I see on my application that I'm no longer considered for the job. Could this be some kind of glitch? I've received 4 calls for...
  8. 2


    I was just recently offered a position with target. When I accepted the offer letter, it had an orientation date of 10/14. However, when I spoke to someone, they started they had me scheduled for 10/23 and I should receive a phone call 2-3 days before the orientation. Should I call HR again to...
  9. K

    Answered Orientation - What am I doing?

    I just got hired at target a couple of weeks ago, I got all the emails and pre-work stuff done, but I’m confused on my orientation? I was told my orientation would be Oct. 4 at 8 am, the day I got hired, but that was all. Then I was just told “all the extra details will be in the emails we send...
  10. S

    Phoenix DC

    Does anyone know what the orientation is like for the Phoenix DC and how is working at this location?
  11. A

    Answered Orientation dress code?

    Hi! I have my orientation in a few days and i was wondering what the dress code would be? I’ve been looking around and finding answers from khakis and a red polo, business casual, or casual. Does anyone have any specific suggestions for female? Thanks!
  12. M

    DC Orientation

    For orientation, they said we'll be there for 6-8 hours... should we dress business casual or go in actual work clothes? Will we be working right after the orientation? Also the closed toe shoes...do they have to be boots or can they be any closed shoe?
  13. J

    No Schedule After Orientation

    I had a weird orientation as in I left after the videos bc they didn’t have my employee number. They called and said come back on Tuesday, which I did, to do the computer stuff and hands on training. The people from my original orientation were there, they said they got their schedules for the...
  14. J

    Answered Orientation

    Hello , So I currently was hired passed my background check and now just waiting on orientation day. I got the email with the date however it’s for a Sunday not sure if this is a problem like I just assumed orientation was a mon-fri thing? Also do they call you to confirm and is there any chance...
  15. J

    Answered Work Permit?

    I have my orientation tomorrow. I needed a new work permit so I sent my paper work to my school a week ago. Yesterday they said they’re going to wait for multiple work permits so they can send them out in bunches. I asked to pick it up and they said no. The paper said if you don’t have...
  16. S


    I was hired as a seasonal employee this holiday season. I was hired to pick online orders. They scheduled my orientation. How long is orientation? What is involved with orientation? What is the dress code for orientation? What is the dress code for when I am on the sales floor picking...
  17. A

    Archived orientation

    will they send me an orientation date in my email ?
  18. S

    Archived Questions?!

    Hi!! So I just recently got hired into the target dc. I’ll be doing the Saturday, Sunday, Monday A2 shift/schedule. My orientation day is a few days away and I had some questions. I know to bring my two forms of ID, but do they help with setting up direct deposit there too? Also, what should I...
  19. P

    Orientation rescheduled again

    I was scheduled for orientation last Wednesday and when I attended, they told me to come back on Friday as they had to reschedule my orientation. An hour before I was supposed to show up, they called me to tell me that they were rescheduling it to this Wednesday. Now I just got a call that they...
  20. B

    Archived Orientation Questions for WI stores 2019

    Wondering if anyone has an answer what to wear for the orientation day??? I thought they said anything nice looking / business casual but now I am not sure -- I was pretty nervous!!! The sheet with the job offer on it has what "Team colors" will be -- so not sure if that means where that...