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Foot In the Door

Jun 7, 2018
If they wanted you as an ETL, they probably would have hired you as an ETL.
The fact that they didn't even give you TL is a little concerning. You also mentioned being in a smaller market, which means a lot of competition for open positions. It's very unlikely a brand new TM is going to beat out an experienced TL for an open ETL role.

In my opinion, Target is not a place where you want your "foot in the door" unless you plan on just being a doorstop.


So-Called Something Or Other
Oct 28, 2015
Not to bring the excitement down, but I was told I would be given the opportunity to advance to an ETL after my TL learnt I was in college for Business Administration. I worked at Spot for almost four years (ages 18-21) and never even made it to the bench despite getting an Outstanding review. Then again, this same TL isn't even with the company anymore.


Former SrTL - Replen
Mar 21, 2014
That's strange that they wouldn't let you do it in the past. It takes a lot to discourage me honestly. My whole life has been a disappointment 😂. And honestly, I'm close to completing though. Should be done in March of 2021. I already have 2 degrees prior to the one I'm getting now. I'm connecting with Recruiters on LinkedIn as well for these ETL positions so that they can see my face directly. Thank you for the advice too. I'm working it from angles and I don't see how I can fail at this lol
You're certainly ambitious, I'll give you that. Doing the right things.

I would caution you against coming in as a TM and employing your experience and knowledge. Right you may be, most workplaces (not just Target) promote based on ethic and charisma, not leadership ability or skill. Your experience and degrees mean exactly zero. Your willingness to work and how well the leadership team like you are what will influence your move up the ladder, the degrees are a means to separate yourself from the pack once you get the opportunity.
Jun 11, 2018
I'm still in school. So if I see an ETL internship open up for what I want to do I will just apply for it internally. Which I believe should be possible. Or is it not?
Applying won’t do anything . Target had recruiters for a reason