For those of you-all that give a rats ass --

Jun 18, 2011
and those who don't or missed it the first 10 times -- an interesting re-run will be on --

On the yeast coast -- cablevision -- CNBC -- ch. # 24 -- at 8:pM EST

"Target a Love Story"


Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!
Jun 9, 2011
I'd watch it if I could afford cable....I could always use a good laugh.
Oct 11, 2011
you can now watch the whole thing on CNBC's website. I just saw our founding ETL's lol, wow they look more prickish then the ones we have now lol
Jun 18, 2011
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Why would they --

If I remember correctly - the first time it was on --- who was the sponsor

I know nothing about advertising - past watching people pile crap on shelves
but -

I'll bet my well used toilet plunger

Mr. Plano calls CNBC and said "How much for a 1 hour commercial and we'll also pay for the regular slots"

Mrs. CNBC - comes back with "Oh --- "Hi" -- I got the flat of Designer Maxie pads and pot holders you had sent over last month" --- "Why yes we'd love to have a program - highlighting the virtues of "FFF" ----- You want a price including a real journalist and film crew" ?

No - We already hired a documentary style Ad agency and filmed it last year -- "The Truth" about our company should be presented accurately.

"Did Spot interview the top people and were the stores extra clean, inside and out --- all the shelves "Zoned" - picture perfect" ?

"Why yes - we hired actors to play the guests along with a few well chosen team members who understand - where their bread is buttered
and all the top people even had clean underwear on under their Brooks Brothers suits"

"The cost should be around $879,643." -- "Is that to high" ?

No - that's fine --- Spot made $19,234,763,919,456.32 last quarter --- and the bean counters said we need to donate $14,500,300. and that fee goes under the heading of minority charites.

"Thats what I like about Target -- giving back to the comunites"

Just guessing it goes something like that